Indian Origin CEOs Ruling The Tech Industry Famous Indian CEOs

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For decades now, Indians have been playing an integral role in the worldwide IT and technology sector. Running tech behemoths across the world, there is a credible Indian diaspora spread across the topmost industries.

What’s common between Google & Microsoft? Both of these tech giants are being run by Indian-origin CEOs. Doesn’t get any bigger, does it?

Here’s a list of tech-based Indian origin CEOs doing their country proud:

# Sundar Pichai:

The latest kid on the block, Pichai Sundararajan (his full name) is currently serving as the chief executive officer of the Daddy of the tech industry – Google Inc. Announced in the year of 2015, he is the man behind the more dominant Google Chrome browser, having previously worked as a product head for Maps and Android.

# Satya Narayana Nadella:

An American business executive of Indian descent, Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft, a company that needs no introduction. Who did he succeed? Some guy named Steve Ballmer; pun intended! This came after a successful stint as the Executive Vice President of the MS cloud and enterprise group.

# Shantanu Narayen: 

Another Indian American in this list, Shantanu Narayen is on the roster of Adobe Systems, a common term in every PC-based household across the globe. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also the President of the Adobe Foundation board. He was also named to the Management Advisory Board of the United States by Barack Obama. Let that sink in for a minute!

# Sanjay Mehrotra:

Sanjay Mehrotra is the current CEO and President of Micron Technology along with being the co-founder of SanDisk. He served as the SanDisk’s President and CEO until it was acquired by Western Digital back in the year 2016.

# Rajeev Suri:

Away from the conventional US-India linkup, Rajeev Suri is an Indo-Singaporean serving as the CEO of Nokia. He has held prominent positions in Nokia Solutions ever since 1995. Just like Satya Nadella, Rajeev Suri holds a bachelors degree from Manipal Institute of Technology.

# Francisco D’Souza:

Amongst the youngest CEOs in the ever-so-expansive software sector, Francisco D’Souza serves as a chief executive officer at Cognizant, along with being a board of directors’ member at the company. He joined the company as a co-founder back in the year 1994, growing steadily to become CEO in 2007.

# Nikesh Arora:

Nikesh Arora is the current CEO of the cybersecurity firm, Palo Alto Networks? Doesn’t sound big enough? Well, he’s just earned a $128 million fat paycheck. A former Google executive, he served as the president for SoftBank Group for a period of 2 years.

# Dinesh C. Paliwal:

Another Indian American business tycoon, Dinesh Paliwal is widely recognized as the CEO and President of Harman International Industries, a company which provides audio and infotainment systems for consumer and automotive markets.

# Indra Nooyi:

Serving as the Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo for a period of 12 years is no mean feat. Indra Nooyi has done just that for the 2nd largest food and beverage brand in the world.


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