10 Interesting Facts on India That You Had No Idea About

Morning view of Vishram Ghat, where it believed that Lord Krishna rested after killing Kansa.
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Since time immemorial, India has been known for its rich history, culture and tradition. There is so much more to this country than what meets the eye. Here, are some mind-blowing interesting facts on India which we bet you never knew.

  1. The highest post office in the world is located in Hikkim, a village in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh. The post office stands at an elevation of a whopping 14,400 feet. The post office shuts down during the months of extreme winters and heavy snowfall.
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2. The cult favourite board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ has its origin rooted to India. This ancient Indian game is considered to be a worldwide classic. It was a part of the dice board games which included pachisi and gyan chauper (present day Parcheesi and Ludo).

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3. It is also interesting to know that Bollywood makes the highest number of films in the entire world. Well, it didn’t come as a surprise, did it? The Indian film industry produces 800 to 1,000 feature films every year.

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4. India seems to have made its name in every realm. It is also the country which successfully reached Mars in its very first attempt! It is also the first nation of Asia which has reached the orbit of Mars.

Source: https://bit.ly/38WmJWh

5. Kumbh Mela which takes place in Allahabad in every twelve years attracts the most number of tourists from all across the globe. This year, the Mela began from January 15th and will go on till March 4th.

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6. India is truly a land of diversity and is home to the highest population of Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees and Jains. It is also the most populous democratic nation in the entire world.

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7. The first-ever general elections held in India were also the longest ever. The polling started in October 1951 and went on to February 1952.

8. Not just the highest post office, Himachal Pradesh is also home to the highest cricket ground of the world as well. Chail Cricket Stadium is located at 2444 meters above sea level.

Source: https://bit.ly/35Fc7co

9. The biggest family in the world resides in the north-eastern state of Mizoram. A Mizo man here has made a world record of having 39 wives and 94 children. Not only that, but he also has 33 grand-children. No wonder why India is the second-most populous country!

Source: https://bit.ly/3977xGa

10. Apart from all these amazing and lesser-known things, India is also the highest tea producer of the world which is quite obvious as we Indians are crazy lovers of our chai.

So, these were some of the most interesting facts on India which would make you feel a lot prouder to be born in the land of such magnificence, diversity and grandeur.