5 things everyone is going to love about IOS 13

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The all-new and latest version of iOS operating system i.e. iOS 13 were launched on 3rd June at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2019. Like all the previous updates of iOS, this new update is also an overhaul to exiting iOS with many new and improved features. If you are searching for information about iOS13, then, this blog will provide you with the same. Below-mentioned is the all new features and upgrades of iOS 13.

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1. Keeping up with the trend of improved optimization

iOS 13 has continued with the optimization trend and therefore, iOS 13 is much more efficient and faster than ever before. This includes that the time for app updating, app downloading and app launch is now two times faster. The time taken to download application has now been reduced by 50% and Face ID unlocking feature has become 30% faster.

2. Latest Dark Mode Option

With this new upgrade, the overall appearance of the existing operating system would be changed from light to dark. There are two options available on this system-wide dark mode. First, have Dark Mode after the sunset or arrange a custom schedule for the same.

3. New and Improved Photo App

This new and improved Photo App on iOS 13 will automatically elect pictures from the whole album and present them as the highlights f the day/month or year. In addition to these various advanced tools for editing pictures and video have also been added to the Photo App of iOS 13. Not only this, but one will also be able to find these tools very easily now as they will be present at the bottom of the Photo Application.

4. Multiple Tools for Video Editing

The various tools for video editing include cropping, rotating, applying various filter and also a custom adjustment for portrait lighting. One of the major highlighting features of this video editing feature is “Mono Lighting Effect” to get a monochromatic look.

5. Upgraded and Updated Map Application

The Map Application has also been upgraded and updated in iOS 13. The all-new application will give its users the broader understanding of roads, pedestrian pathway, more accurate address and much more.

Final Insights

The features of iOS 13 are not only limited to the ones mentioned above. There are many more features which will be seen on iOS 13.

Keep reading for all the latest updates about the new gadgets and technical world.





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