Isha Ambani’s Sangeet Ceremony Ek Hote Hai Rich Fir Hote Hai Filthy Rich Aur Fir Aate Hai Ambanis

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This weekend started off with Isha Ambani’s grand wedding festivities. And Ambanis took it to a different level! Isha Ambani’s sangeet was an etravaganza. We are not going to refer to Ambani’s Sangeet ceremony as a ‘Royal Affair’ because the whole nation knows that Ranveer-Deepika’s wedding and Nick-Priyanka’s wedding were epitome of Royal. Ambani’s sangeet ceremony was ‘Royal se bhi Upar’. We are not a narrow minded lot but we just can’t push the boundaries of our broad minds enough to imagine ‘what will be the wedding like’. We cannot image that kind of money!

Daddy Ambani did not let her daughter’s any wish go unattended. With the whole Bollywood, yes literally the whole Bollywood was present at the sangeet, performing for the couple, it was a show which Bollywood put on for the Ambanis. Hillary Clinton attending the sangeet was the biggest highlight of the ceremony. Business tycoons from all over the world were on the guest list among the 1500 guests. And lets not forget the main event of the night ‘Beyonce Concert’.

From what we learned on internet about ‘Ambani’s pre-wedding mania’ (because we are nobody and hence weren’t invited), the sangeet ceremony left the whole country (the mango people community) feeling ‘Had Se Jyada Gareeb’.

So we decided instead of dwelling on our ‘had se jyada gareeb’ status, we are going to obsess over How rich Ambanis are!

1. Ambanis organised ‘Anna Seva’ from 7th – 10th December feeding 5100 people three times a day to seek blessings for the soon-to-be-wed couple.

It seems like they are seeking forgiveness for having way too damn much money! Apology accepted, hum gareebon ki dua aapke saath hai!

2. Ambanis are so rich that they sponsored Beyonce’s concert in India and the entry was invite based.

3. When Shahrukh Khan could never convince Gauri Khan to perform with him on the stage but Ambani can! Oh Man, King Khan that’s gonna hurt!

4. Even after Manmarziyaan, Ambani gave Abhishek Bachchan a chance to perform and trend for a while (because Aishwarya was there too). #charityinblood

5. Newlywed international star postpone her honeymoon because performing on ‘Desi Girl’ at Ambani’s sangeet was more important. #priorities

6. Isha Ambani, Anand Pirmal gave a fabulous performance with background artist…errr…with Salman Khan

7. Manish Malhotra is one of the biggest designers but Ambanis can make him design anything to everything.

Even the napkins were from Manish Malhotra label. For all who desires to own a Manish Malhotra in spite of being well aware of their ‘gareebiyat’ can search the trash can from the sangeet ceremony.

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8. All the five-star hotels were booked across the city. Just the usual Ambani Wedding decorations, no big deal!

9. Earlier it was a song from a Shahrukh Khan hit movie, now it is The Ballad of Ambanis!

10. A grand idol of Lord Shrinath Ji was designed and created especially for pre-wedding maha-arti.

Nita Ambani doing the maha-arti.

11. Mommy Ambani performing on her daughters sangeet with lots of background artists looks like a performance in IIFA 

The pre-wedding festivities do justice to the invitation card which cost ₹3 lakh. No one does sangeets better than the Ambanis!


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