It’s Navratri: Let’s Put Our Rape Culture on Hold | Happy Navratri | Maa Durga

Navratri, which in Sanskrit means ‘nine nights’ is celebrated by Indians throughout the world with great enthusiasm. Some will be observing ritualistic fasts for nine days and some for just one or two. On each day one manifestation (Avatar) of Goddess Durga will be worshiped.
And then once we are done with our Navratri, Durga Pooja, and Garba, we will start harassing, brutalizing and raping women again. India had always been a country known for its culture and traditions but in recent years we are identified as a country not safe for women. Our ‘crime against women’ rate is increasing but till the time it is not hampering our tourism industry, we don’t care!
Are we observing these fasts and worshiping our Goddesses out of pure heart? We live in a country where we consider young girls as ‘Devi ka Roop’ and during these nine days we worship them and touch their feet and make them feel enviable. We almost, almost, make them believe that they live in a country where women are treated with respect. And as soon as we are done with our festival we go about stripping them off their freedom and clothes. Those young girls who were ’a Roop of Devi’ a few days ago become a target for child predators. It is ironic for a country to follow these customs and traditions when they are so numb towards the crime against women. In our defence ‘We do protest’, right? We protest when we get to know about an inhumane incident, we bash and trash talk the assailants on social media and then we simply forget about it. We all are living a hypocritical life. Maybe we should stop following these old traditions as they don’t fall in sync with the current reality of our Nation.
Dedicating nine days to the most powerful Goddess known to fight against evil in the world. Ahaan, Liar! Liar! Who likes a girl who is all powerful, take a stand, fight against wrong? Do you? No, we don’t cuz she is a threat to the society and needs to be taught a lesson. She should be beaten up until her spirit is broken, she should be threatened and raped because she dared to step out of the indiscernible line drawn for her by everyone except her.
When we start questioning ourselves, is it going out of hand? What actions are being taken to prevent these incidents? We want to help improving the status of the women I our society. So, what do we do? Ummm, we start a #MeToo campaign for the women of our Nation; we sympathize, empathize and demand justice for them and then move on to be blind sighted towards these issues again.
Do you think we deserve to be worshiping our Goddesses? Do you think they want to be worshiped by hypocrites and sinners like us? Are they ever going to bless us? If you can justify and think that you deserve her blessing and the right to be a devotee to the most Powerful Goddess on Earth, then go ahead and we wish you a very Happy Navratri!

Jai Mata Di !


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