Jewel Changi Airport Just Installed the Biggest Indoor Waterfall of the World

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Jewel Changi Airport of Singapore is always revered for being one of the most amazing airports of the world. To reinforce this stature further, the airport recently inaugurated its ‘Jewel centre’. Spread across a whopping 1.4 million sq ft, Jewel centre took four years to build and now that it’s totally complete, it connects the three terminals at the airport.

Made out of steel and glass, Jewel Changi Airport is in a giant doughnut shape and has lush gardens at four storeys, over 250 food and retail outlets, a cinema as well as a hotel. However, what steals the show here is its indoor waterfall which is the tallest in the whole wide world. Placed amidst the lush forest, the indoor waterfall cascades through the glass and steel dome and is of around 130 feet. Undoubtedly, the ‘rain vortex’, that is, the gigantic waterfall, is soon going to be one of the most Instagram-worthy locations in the world.

A Paradise Indeed!

Jewel Changi Airport

The waterfall is surrounded by 235,000 square feet of picturesque landscaping and cobblestoned trails for walking. This zone is called the Shiseido Forest Valley. Visitors can have a great time enjoying the largest plant collection here. The largest indoor waterfall also has tanks to collect and recycle the rainwater which then becomes a part of the Rain Vortex. The excess water is used to irrigate the plants of the Forest Valley.Made up of thousands of glass panels, the Jewel Changi Airport is not only a major attraction for the tourists but is also winning the hearts of the locals at Singapore who are going to flock the place to enjoy its beauty and get cool pictures clicked here.


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