Kick-off Your Headache with These Easy-Peasy Methods

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Be it from stress, pressure or hunger, we keep getting a headache every once in a while for various reasons. Headaches caused by pressure and tension affect more than a billion people and are the most common reason behind a headache. If you are always complaining about a headache because of any reason such as migraines, eyesight issues, sinus or cluster headaches, here are some easy and quick ways to Kick off Your Headache in no time:

# Aromatherapy

6 Best Essential Oils For Headaches & How To Use Them
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Aromatherapy is revered for having a plethora of benefits. Essential oils have a specific aroma which caters to various problems faced by you. Lavender is known for soothing a headache which peppermint oil can also treat migraines. Just take few drops of the oil and gently massage it on your temples and forehead to relax you.

# Temperature Therapy

benefits of hot shower
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One of the quick ways to Kick off Your Headache is by indulging in a warm bath for relaxing the tense muscles. In case you don’t have time for a shower, a hot compress may serve the purpose too.

# Massage Your Shoulder Well Region

Kick off Your Headache
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Your Shoulder Well is situated between the base of the neck and your shoulder point. Move your thumb in a circular manner for massaging this region on the left side. After 60 seconds, repeat the process on your right side. This helps in relieving the stiffness of shoulders and neck and is a quick way to Kick off Your Headache arising from such stiffness.

# Ginger for Curing

ginger juice
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Using ginger for Kick off Your Headache is an age-old method which is also used for curing migraines. If you are disturbed by a headache, just mix half teaspoon of ground ginger in a glass of water and drink it. Even studies have proven that ginger is loaded with healing properties that treat can treat severe headaches.

# Drinking Water

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Headaches are often caused due to the lack of water intake. You need to avoid dehydration and keep drinking water throughout the day. However, you need to be careful with the amount of water you are having as overhydration can result to hyponatremia which can further lead to nausea, bloating and headaches-the symptoms are pretty similar to that of dehydration.

# A Union Valley Massage

how to get rid of a headache
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Union Valley is the point present in the web that is formed between your index finger and thumb. You need to locate this region and then start pinching it firmly yet painfully for around ten seconds. After this, let go of the pinch and massage the region with your other hand’s thumb in a circular movement. You need to do it clockwise for ten seconds and counter-clockwise for another ten seconds. Repeat it on your other hand as well. This acupressure point helps to Kick off Your Headache in the neck and head.

# Use of Acupressure on Your San Yin Jiao Point

massage this spot for better sleep at night
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This acupressure area is situated around four-finger widths higher than the highest point of you ankle, on the legs’ inside side in the trough located behind your bone. Use your thumb for massaging this region with firm pressure for around 5 seconds. It is one of the quick ways to Kick off Your Headache, let go of stress and calm the mind.

#Rub Your Pupil Bone Hole

Rub Your Pupil Bone Hole
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Pupil Bone Hole is the eye’s outer corner, with your middle and index fingers, start rubbing this area gently on both the sides of your eyes simultaneously for instant relief. This exercise helps in Kick off Your Headache linked with migraines.

# Putting Pressure on Your Gates of Consciousness

Kick off Your Headache
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This pair of points is situated right in the hollow region between your two vertical neck muscles present at the skull base. Use your middle and index fingers of both the hands for firmly pressing on both sides of your Gates of Consciousness for around 10 seconds. After releasing, repeat this process after 10 seconds. This is a great way to Kick off Your Headache created in the neck as well as treat migraines.

# Massage Your Drilling Bamboo Points

Drilling Bamboo Point
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Your Drilling Bamboo points are situated on the either side of your nose where the nose bridge meets the eyebrow ridge. Using your index fingers, firmly press both sides of your nose simultaneously for around 10 seconds. Release and repeat. This is one of the quick ways to Kick off Your Headache which are caused by sinus and/or eyestrain.

 These were some of the quick ways to Kick off Your Headache and the best thing is that you can practice them anywhere at any time without having to worry about your surroundings. These methods barely take any time and work like wonders in healing an aching head.


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