Know how Vijoo Krishnan became an inspiration for the thousands of farmers in Maharashtra.

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Recently, India witnessed one its most historic march when thousands of farmers marched all the way from Nashik to Mumbai with blistered feet to remind the government that it’s high time to fulfil their promises, even the blazing sun could not stop them. On Monday evening, unexpectedly the march by 55,000 farmers ended on a positive note when Maharashtra government accepted most of their legit demands on Monday evening.

Everybody across the nation was supporting and appreciating their immense strength and determination but there was someone who secretly led this march and made it a victory for the farmers. He is a 44 year old Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Alumni, Vijoo Krishnan who inspired all the 55,000 farmers.

Vijoo Krishnan hails from Kannur a village in Kerala, is a former President of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU). He was the Head of the Post Graduate Department of Political Science at St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru. While his teaching tenure in Bengaluru, he forced the college administration to rent a hotel nearby and pay the transit fee of the students facing problem due to the protest against hostel fee hike.

The uproar of farmers in Kannur against the British imperialism and feudal system in 1946 makes him feel connected to the miseries of the farmers. His thoughts inspired and motivated the thousands and today he is Joint Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha, the largest farmer’s organization in the country. Apart from being a full-time activist, he is also a member of the first Gender Sensitisation Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH).

In an interview with NEWS18, Vijoo Krishnan said “This is an uprising of the agrarian sector and it has been happening for the last two years. It is happening in many parts of the country such as Rajasthan, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh apart from Maharashtra.”

It was his efforts and leadership that inspired the farmers to march peacefully for their rights and turn the victory in their favour. Maharashtra CM Fadnavis said, “We held very cordial discussions and have conceded most of the demands of the tribals, labourers and farmers who took part in the march.”

He made everyone realize the importance of the people, responsible for the food on our plates and with this historic achievement in Maharashtra he is now even more determined to bring the change in the lives of the farmers, which are the backbone of the nation as we cannot deny with the fact that agriculture is the main source of income for India.