Letter Of Congratulations To My Best Friend For Dumping That Jerk

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You can literally copy-paste this letter and share it with your BFF changing the name –

Dear BFF

We’ve been friends for how many years now? It seems like forever. We’ve gone through so many ups and downs and we’re finally now breaking into adulthood together. We’ve gone through times where we had no money, no love, and no jobs. We’ve done it all and surprisingly we’ve done it all together.

But now, I want to congratulate you and say how proud I am of you for dumping that jerk of a boyfriend. He didn’t treat you well and he was one of the shittiest people I know. I don’t want to hurt your feelings because breakups are hard, but I do want to acknowledge how happy I am for you to dump his ass.

It’s not going to be smooth sailing, and I’ll be there for you no matter what happens. I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much I want to hug you and say that I’ll be there for you. We can watch friends reruns and have a great time on the weekends watching movies.

We can even go clubbing or take up a new hobby like shooting, art or yoga. Let’s do YOGA!

We’ll look so hot with our tight bods!

What else is on your mind? Tell me everything.

That jerk of a boyfriend kept putting you down and kept trying to demean your self-worth. He didn’t trust you or believe in your dreams. He wanted everything for himself and didn’t want to share any of his feelings with you.

He was overbearing and uncomfortable around your friends. He wanted you all to himself without treating you like the queen you are. He wasn’t there for you as much as he should have been, and he was a total jerk to you even though you’ve been nothing but kind.

Acceptance is hard and it’s going to take some time for you to finally realize that you’re single. You may want to go back to him from time to time, especially when it’s the weekend and you have nothing left to do.

But know that I’m here for you and want to bring you everything that you truly deserve. You are the best friend that anyone can ever ask for and you deserve true love just like everyone else. We’ll find our soul mates and be happy forever and ever!