Life Of A Bachelor Without Maggi

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Cooking has the power to make a difference in our lives! I am not sure about that, but, yes it makes a hell of a difference in a bachelor’s life. When it comes to bachelors there is no life without Maggi! Although the future for Maggi doesn’t seem that bright.  In a major setback, Nestle admitted the presence of Lead in its popular noodles in Supreme Court!

Our judge has few questions for Nestle like, “Why should noodles have lead at all? I would be averse to eat Maggi with lead in it. Why should children eat Maggi with lead?” To be honest we have one question too, “What exactly happens if we consume lead in our food?”

Now neither the Supreme Court nor Nestle is going to give us any answers hence we turn to,  ‘Sarvagyani’ Google! Here is what Google Baba told us!

This looks pretty scary!

‘Just a thought’…If I die due to ‘Lead Poisoning’ because of eating excessive ‘Noodles’, will that be ‘Suicide’? But let’s take a moment and reflect on the fact that if ‘Maggi’ is banned, how it is totally gonna ruin every bachelor’s life in India!

Right now with the red flags on ‘Noodles’ we bachelors are going through various emotions:

1. The Confusion! They are taking away our food, why are they doing it!


2. Cooks? Not anymore! They banned the only thing I can cook, how am I ever gonna get married!


3. Emotional Breakdown: No please don’t leave me alone. It’s a scary world out there and I am never gonna find another quick solution to my anytime hunger ever!


4. Love Hurts: Yes, Maggi Ban broke my heart and now I have just lost the will to feel anything!


5. Live to eat…Maggi: I have nothing to eat, I am gonna starve to death!


6. Trust me I have looked for an alternative everywhere!




This is the life of every bachelor in India without ‘Maggi’. We don’t know how to live without it! We seriously wish that Nestle get their shit together and understand their responsibility towards the youth of this country. I mean it’s no joke!

How do you guys feel about this whole incident? Betrayed? Sad? Disappointed? Do tell us in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: Maggi contains lead, consume with caution!


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