Life Is A Contest Of Dating Apps v/s Matrimonial Apps. And Guess Who’s Winning?

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Who loves the attention of annoying aunties asking you a hundred million times about when you’re getting married? Nobody, that’s who. And nobody loves the idea of being terrorized every time you attend a friend’s wedding, only to realize that you’re the only one there single. Who likes pizza on a Saturday night with no boyfriend to share it with? Not us. We’re all about the dating life.

But then again, what’s up with all the daring apps that are out there? It feels like life is revolving around Tinder, Blumber, Boomber, and the millions of dating apps out there. We kinda feel lost in a way, and we’re left in the dark. Going on a Tinder data feels like we have to “put sex on the table”, otherwise we lose the attention of our date.

And what’s up with everyone getting married at 22? It’s like all the ads got mixed with the increasing societal pressure to give us this new phenomenon of everyone pretending to be liberal but getting married off before they’ve even gotten a stable career. If life’s a contest between dating apps and matrimonial ones, then who’s really winning?

(how you look when you’re married at 20)

Here’s a good idea – let’s go the old fashion way and actually talk to one another. We’re so bogged up with Instagram and Snapchat, that we get anxiety if we don’t check out phones every 20 minutes. How about really talking to each other and getting to know someone that you’d like to date. Is that so farfetched?

There are literally apps for community-marriage, e.g.,, etc. – and we’re like WTF. Just talk to someone from your community the next time you’re meeting them. The old fashion way of floating a “patri” has turned into a new fashion way of floating a “biodata”. We’re in 2018, and we’re still unable to live life without a marriage certificate.

Guys, we don’t need to always be thinking about marriage. The more important topic to focus on is making money and being financially secure. That security makes us feel more confident and we can actually have a conversation with someone we like without feeling shy or doubtful. That natural confidence is also extremely attractive, and we don’t need Ryan Gosling’s abs to get the date that we need (although it helps immensely!)

Forget the apps, because they’re loading up our data anyways, and focus on meeting someone in real life. Go old fashion – the right way – and meet someone at a party that you really like. Or, if you’re at a bar and you wanna meet some cute guys, then open up Tinder and restrict the location to the shortest distance possible. That way you can instantly meet someone nice without having to leave the bar or club.

What’s really popular these days is ditching the apps altogether and going for single meets and events. Although, they sound creepy at first, they’re actually a fun way to make new connections. Imagine how many couples met by accident and found chemistry when they first met. Now you can replace that with an accident on speed. Go out there and don’t be in your comfort zone for too long! Otherwise you might be receiving Rishtas from distant uncles that you didn’t even know existed.