List Of Things That Men Appreciate About You But Won’t Tell You!

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Ladies, if your man does any of these things or more – then he truly loves you. He may not have the courage to say it upfront, but he does these silly things just for you. From appreciating your caring nature or listening to his sob stories, your boyfriend and husband need you very much. You may even have to play multiple roles many times, which can get confusing but is deeply important for the relationship to feel fulfilled.

There’s a lot of things that men appreciate about you but will never probably tell you about it. Sometimes, it’s so subliminal that they’re unable to talk to you about it openly. They miss that strong female energy in their lives and crave attention from you all the time. That gooey special feeling of love? Men enjoy it too!

1. When you call out of the blue

When we’re feeling a bit on the low side and don’t have the energy to do things the way they are, we would love a call from you. A quick call to check in and say hello is the only thing we need to help us get reenergized for the day. Whether that’s 1 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon, a call fixes everything. Sometimes, we make mistakes and we aren’t able to say sorry. Our brain doesn’t work the same way as a women does. That’s why we need a hello so that we can say sorry for all the dumb things we do.

2. Acceptance & Growth

This is so important to us in every relationship. We love it when you accept us and when you drive us ahead. That’s so important to us in the relationship that we understand where the boundaries are, and where our potential should be. We all want to travel the world and be a millionaire but we appreciate it when you balance the two. If you keep pushing us, we’ll walk away. But if you’re too contempt with how things are then we might get frustrated. That’s the ultimate balancing act that girls do for us and we love it so much!

3. Bringing us gifts

We don’t want a lot of things in life, but we appreciate a gift or two. We love feeling special and enjoy gifts just as any other person would. This is something that we absolutely love. It doesn’t have to be something huge or expensive, but something with lots of effort is a plus. We love feeling like we belong to something and have an impact on someone’s life. We’re also always seeking comfort in the arms of the ones we love, and a gift is a gentle reminder that someone’s out there for us.

4. Cooking for us

It’s really weird but even though we’re in 2018, we still love a good home-cooked meal. Khaana Banana (when not made a compulsion) can be one of the most amazing experiences in a relationship. Cooking a good meal for us is one of the best things that a girlfriend can give us. Not only does it make us feel happy, but we also feel comforted knowing that someone is there looking out for us. It’s such a sweet gesture and we never have the words to express it.

5. Caring affection

India still hasn’t reached a point where men and women can work without politics, corruption, and stress. We’re all in this together, and anytime we feel a bit of care and affection from our partners we feel happier. We also feel like we’re alive after we get a bit of T&A, and we love a goodnight kiss like no other. It’s the simple things in life that make us smile and we’re happier with you in it.