Looking for Fresh, New Netflix series Follow These 6 popular series

When it comes to Netflix, there’s nothing stopping a 6-hour marathon on the weekends. Sometimes we watch it after work, and finally sleep at 3am! It’s a great feeling to enjoy an excellent series, that’s gripping from start to finish. Sometimes, we’re so bored/stressed that we want to take a break and get inspired by the gripping characters and narrative. Sometimes its all about learning from these stories and applying them to our own lives.

Everybody knows that Netflix is the King, when it comes to entertainment and drama, but did you know what Netflix adds new shows (some self-produced) every month? This is what makes it so fresh and necessary. We’re going gaga over some of these shows as we go from one plot point to another. Here’s a bunch of fresh and new Netflix series that are taking the internet by storm this year!

#1 Dirty Money (2018)

Launched just this year, Dirty Money takes a look at 6 major scams and scandals that went viral. Some of them include (President of USA) Donald Trump’s bankruptcy, (Largest Car Company in the world) Volkswagen’s cheating of pollution, (Largest bank in the world) HSBC taking drug money, and others. It’s a brilliant show for those who like mysteries and are interested in knowing more about the world and scams. It’s got a lot of truth to it, and the flow is such that there isn’t a dull moment in the show. It’s gripping from the first episode and it really pulls you into the life and times of the culture back then.

Find it here – https://www.netflix.com/title/80118100

#2 Mind hunter (2017)

The show mind hunter is all about the famous American terrorist Unabomber. He used to mail bombs to his victims and went uncaught for more than 18 years. Finally, an obsessed agent in the FBI got hands on him after years of isolation, thinking, and empathising with the killer. There’s not a dull moment on the show and the psychological drama that it takes you through is unmatched. It’s been touted as the best show Netflix has revealed (based on a real person) and is something that you will finish from start to end in one session. Watch it with friends to get that real-immersion like feeling and enjoy it thoroughly.

Find it here – https://www.netflix.com/title/80114855

#3 Black Mirror (2015-18)

If you love original ides, stories and screenplay than Black Mirror is a show that you shouldn’t miss. Its latest season is fresh and hip, as its characters go through a melange of activities and plot twists. Black Mirror looks at AI, VR, and high tech and tries to find a future where humans would be forced to live with all this. One of their episodes predicted the rise of Donald Trump, and another one stemmed a whole new space travel industry. Their writers are geniuses, and it’s a great show for anyone who loves sci-fi and stories.

Find it here- https://www.netflix.com/title/70264888