A drink to solve your PMS issues- No kidding!

source: andme.in/
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&Me, a Bangalore headquartered startup, is the proud seller of India’s first menstrual drink. The brand is founded by Ankur Goyal, an alumnus of Stanford business school. Matrix partners and Sauce.vc. together are set to invest $ 1 million (INR 7 crores approx.) in &Me. RoC filings show that they have invested in new shares of &Me’s parent company called Meraki Foods and Nutrition.

# &Me- India’s first PMS drink:

source: andme.in/

For years, menstruation has been a bumpy ride for most of the women all over. Women suffer from cramps, bloating, weakness, mood swings and even low blood pressure when their periods are on. &Me drinks claim to soothe these problems during the menstruation cycle. The drink advertises itself as the solution to purify the body inside out and feel good about yourself. The &Me beverages are exclusively made to fulfill the nutrition and fitness needs of the women. Its founder, Ankur Goyal was inspired to make energy drinks for women as he couldn’t help his own mother while she was suffering from osteoporosis. His sole motive behind launching &Me beverages was to create products such that no woman suffers from any nutritional deficiency and pain. The products have been specifically designed for Indian women to cater to their specific problems. A pack is priced at INR 320 and comprises of four bottles. The drinks are reported to be based on both Ayurveda and modern nutrition and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. They are said to aid in improving the skin and hair quality from within.

# Results of the investment:

source: andme.in/

With the funds received from the partnership of Matrix Partners India and Sauce.vc., the startup claims at expanding the business further, both in terms of products and geographically. The expansion will lead to the recruitment of many more hands. The makers are satisfied with the response they have got from their buyers to date. The women have reportedly felt instant relief after the consumption of &Me beverages. The makers are further determined to make many more of such products to solve the other problems faced by women in the most healthy, convenient and tasty manner.

&Me is India’s first food and beverage brand developed to cater to the women specifically. Manu Chandra, Founder, and Managing Partner, Sauce.vc expressed the company’s excitement in investing in &Me to focus on women’s daily health and lifestyle challenges by making products that are free of preservatives, clean and very convenient. SanjotMalhi, Vice President, Matrix India, also expressed that they are happy to be the early investors in &Me for creating products to tackle the health requirements of a modern woman who does not get fulfilled in her routine lifestyle. He also commented that the investment by Matrix, India also stands true in its ideology of encouraging home-grown consumer brands.

&Me is soon going to launch its fitness range products for fat metabolism and protein for immunity and strength. Eagerly awaiting to hear from them soon!


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