Meet Collarwali The Mom of 30 Cubs

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Guess who’s the new supermom in town? No, it’s not any other human mother but a tigress of Madhya Pradesh who has set a new record of giving birth to 30 cubs. Living in Pench Tiger Reserve, ‘Collarwali’ Baghin recently delivered four more cubs and became a mom of thirty children in around ten years. ‘Collarwali’ also made headlines in 2017 for becoming a mother of 26 cubs since the year 2008. Recently, the tiger reserve just confirmed that she is now with her four new cubs and that is her eighth litter.

The visitors named her Collarwali because of her radio collar. Other names of her are ‘Pench Princess’ and ‘Queen of Pench’. The famous BBC documentary ‘Spy in the Jungle’ is also about her and no doubt, she is the queen of the reserve! She gave birth to her first cubs in May 2008 but due to the harsh climate, the cubs passed away because of pneumonia within three-four weeks.

Collarwali didn’t give up!

Collarwali tigers
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After that, she delivered three male cubs in October of the same year and she brought them up in the caves which were located across 13 different sites. From 2008 to 2013, she mothered 18 cubs out of which 14 survived. In 2015, she delivered four more cubs in her sixth litter. Hats off to her strength!

Spread over 1,179 sq km, Pench Tiger Reserve houses Collarwali and her family. The park, as of now, has over sixty adult tigers and 411 sq km of the reserve is the core region where the animals usually live. Madhya Pradesh is regarded as the home of the most number of Royal Bengal Tigers. As per the reports of 2015, the state has around 308 such tigers. The place is surely an animal lover’s paradise!


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