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Quick question, ladies;

  • How many times have you been rejected by a man just because you didn’t have the body of Deepika Padukone? (Exaggerated a bit, but you get the idea, right?)
  • How many times did your neighborhood aunties tell your mom that you weren’t going to find a suitable boy because of your weight? (‘Everyday’ wouldn’t be an understatement I’m sure.)
  • How many times were you deprived of your favorite food item? (*watches chocolate on the side table and sobs*)
  • And lastly, how many times did you cry yourself to sleep because of the illogical demands of the society? (Phew!)

If you have been bothered by these questions, as much as I have then the study I’m just about to enlighten you with, will bring a fresh dose of happiness in your life. A piece of advice: Grab that favorite chocolate of yours because your day is just about to get better.


Two fine professors namely, Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales one day decided to make this world a happy place for marrying chubby women. These gentlemen were a part of the Psychology department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and with their judgments concluded that men who marry chubby women are 10 times happier than other men.

Yes, you heard that right ladies. 10 TIMES HAPPIER. Bet you want to pay that neighbor aunty a visit now, right?

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  • Apart from this, the study also stated that these men smile more often, are more self-confident and are purely committed to their lady because of her personality with no hidden agenda whatsoever. Still want to starve to death, ladies?
  • Marry chubby women were also observed to be better at dealing with relationship problems and were stated to be a lot more expressive than thin ones. Pretty sure men want that since they are so incapable of handling problems. *sighs*
  • The study also concluded that thin women were more on the reserved and unfriendly side, which honestly makes sense since they are already low on energy because of all the gym sessions. Who would have the patience to socialize after that, right?


The study may suggest anything and everything, but the most important thing is for you to accept yourself and be joyful, comfortable and happy with marry chubby women on the inside because if you’re not satisfied with yourself, then how on Earth will you satisfy your significant other? (Literally and figuratively) *winks*

So whatever your size may be, embrace yourself, pamper yourself and the next time someone asks you to “lose weight” or to “take care of your body” feel free to throw this article at their face and walk away in Rohit Shetty style. I for one am surely going to do that.


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