Miss World vs Miss Universe why miss worlds are more popular

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Now that Manushi Chhillar is one everyone’s minds, we can’t help but think who else should be on the list of the most popular pageant winners and we only end up thinking about Miss World winners.


When we think of some of the most beautiful and successful women in the modelling and movies world, we can’t help but think of mostly Miss World winners. We think of Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Yukta Mookhey and others. Sometimes we remember Sushmita and Lara, but apart from them we don’t really think about anymore.


Priyanka’s had a great career in movies and modelling, and she’s made a huge mark in all our minds. Indians just respect Miss World competition more as the winners are more India and capture the essence of that time. E.g. when PC won, the whole world was talking about her tenacity and beauty. That’s where she captured the hearts the minds of millions, and since then she’s become increasingly successful.

Miss World winners also tend to be more dynamic and have more personality. It’s a known fact that beauty fades after a while, but personality and charm last a lifetime. This is where the Miss World pageant shines with some of the most beautiful and charming women win the title. Even the Miss Asia Pacific has focused strongly on poise and presence and has given us the cutest actress we’ve ever seen – Dia Mirza (who won in 2000).

Even the Miss India competition has given us great actors like Juhi Chawla and Gul Panag. There’s something about these competitions where Indians just love the ladies that come out of it.


The other reason is that Miss Universe winners don’t spend a lot of time in India getting to know the locals. Their travel schedule is so busy that they’re hopping from one country to another that year. Miss World and Miss India winners can meet with producers, modelling directors and have a real connection with most of the decision makers in India. That really separates them from the talent pool in the local region, and they become instant superstars.

Anyone remember the winner of the Miss Asia Pacific ’70 edition? We’ll give you one guess.
Yes it was Zeenat Aman!

See what we mean? It is like everyone just wants to forget Miss Universe winners and focus on home-grown winners to elevate them.

The other, the slightly weird factor could be that Miss World winners and Miss APAC winners always have a chip on their shoulder, so they work harder than Miss Universe winners to get the right roles and make the right moves. Miss Universe winners, on the other hand, could just be focusing on gaining more hype and surrounding themselves with as much long-term planning as possible.
At the end of the day, we can pick favourites till the sun goes down, but we know deep in our hearts that Miss World winners are our favourites!
In fact, the only thing we do remember from the Miss Universe competition is this epic fail. Remember?