Modi Donated Seoul Peace Prize Money for Cleaning Ganga

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With a resolution of cleaning the Ganga, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently donated $2, 00,000 which he received as the award money for Seoul Peace Prize to the Namami Gange Fund. The Environment Ministry runs this Fund for cleaning the Ganga River.

In his speech at Seoul Peace Prize’s award ceremony, Modi declared his decision of contributing Rs 1.4 crores prize money to the Fund. He also talked about the efforts that are being made for cleaning Ganga. He said that it is “not just the economic lifeline of millions of people but is also held sacred by us”.

An Award for the Indians

Seoul Peace Prize

While paying his regards and gratitude for receiving the award, Modi stated that he believes the award is not his, but it belongs to the Indian masses. In an attempt to acknowledge his party, he also stated that the award is for the success that India has reached to within five years. This was possible because of the “strengths and skills of 1.3 billion Indians” and apparently, on our behalf, he humbly accepted the prize and expressed his gratitude.

In his speech, he also said that the Seoul Peace Prize is an epitome of the Indian philosophy which sends out a message to the world, that is, “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam, the world is a family”.

He was honoured with the  Seoul Peace Prize on 22nd February and he dedicated it to all the people of India. Modi made the donation prior to leaving for Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj.


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