These Movies are Sure to Bring Out the Travel Bug in You

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There are many movies which we watch, enjoy and forget about soon after, but there are some which stay with us for a long time. Some of these gems bring out something within us- an emotion, a memory or simply our dreams of exploring the world. Here are some of the movies which will strike you with wanderlust and you would be packing for the Travel Bug in You never planned:

# Highway

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This tragic love story will take you to the places that you’d want to add to your bucket list. Watching the movie is like sitting on a window seat of a train and experiencing the beauty of the passing by wonders of nature. It captures Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana is a par brilliant way and it also Travel Bug in You on a journey through the hills of Himachal, Pahalgam, Chandanwari, Sangla and Aru Valley.

# A Map for Saturday

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This is one of those movies which would make Travel Bug in You long for giving up your job and backpacking across the globe. This documentary captures those solo as well as long-term world travelers who have followed their dreams of backpacking and are busy exploring the world- with just a backpack and a handful of wanderlust.

# The Way

Tom, played by Martin Sheen, goes on a pilgrimage to get over the sudden loss of his son. Initially, Tom just goes to Spain but then he decides on walking the spiritual trail all by himself. The Way  is a heartwarming kaleidoscope of mind-blowing landscapes as well a blend of unexpected friendships, tragic losses and a search for the priorities of life Travel Bug in You.

# Finding Fanny

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If you want a different picture of Goa except the one of parties and booze, then Finding Fanny is the movie for Travel Bug in You. It doesn’t show rave parties or the popular beaches. Instead, it exhibits the unexplored outskirts of Goa. If you want a calm getaway to the state, watching this film would definitely inspire you.

# Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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Talking of travel films, how can we forget ZNMD? The film takes us through a crazy road trip Travel Bug in You in Spain and the Hrithik, Abhay, Farhan trio is a treat to the eyes. The insane Tomatina festival, mind-blowing deep sea diving, the refreshing sky fall and the insane bull race- all these moments make the film a travel lover’s favourite. All thanks to this film, Spain has become a very popular travel destination for us, Indians.

# The Motorcycle Diaries

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Based on real life events, The Motorcycle Diaries is the journey of Ernesto “Che” Guevera and his buddy, Alberto Granado, motorcycling through South America. The film is loaded with dramatic moments and amazing beauty. The entire experience changed the lives of the two adventurers and just like some other road trips; history was shaped by The Motorcycle Diaries Travel Bug in You.

# Queen

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Now, this one is just so inspiring that you can watch it over and over again. Here, Kangana as Rani, takes on her honeymoon all by herself and explores Amsterdam and Paris Travel Bug in You. She learns how to love her own self and the fact that you don’t always need a partner to live the life to the fullest. Her solo honeymoon trip totally changes her life and frames her new perspectives about everything. In the journey, the experiences she has, the friends she make, the bonds that she forms- every part of it will just warm your heart and make you love yourself a little more.

# Seven Years in Tibet

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Based on real life events, Seven Years in Tibet is one of the best movies to understand Buddhism and the Tibetan life. Starring Brad Pitt, the movie will leave you mesmerized and enlightened with its glimpses of snow-capped mountains, picturesque landscape and a window to the life in Tibet Travel Bug in You. Also, the bond that he forms with the young Dalai Lama will just melt your heart and leave you smiling.

# Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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This is again one of those films that inspired the young Indians to create their bucket list and follow their dreams Travel Bug in You. From snow-clad peaks at Gulmarg and the dense forests of Manali- the first half of the film pushes all the travel junkies to pack their bags and go off on a trek. The second half of the film captures the grand monuments and places of Rajasthan. It just shows how the state is so much more than deserts and camels.

# Jab We Met

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Starting off with a train journey and making amusing stops at Kota, Ratlam, Bhatinda, Simla and Manali- this film is a delight to watch! Train journey look uber cool in the film and we cannot wait to take one after enjoying all the stop-overs that shape the story and its characters.

What are you waiting for? Just book your tickets and go, trot the globe! And if you are dying to take a break but your jobs or colleges won’t let you take one, just watch these super awesome Travel Bug in You movies and try to satisfy your gypsy souls.


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