Mumbai bikers who completed 68000 long journey on bike

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Debashish Ghosh and Dharmendra Jain (DJ) will definitely be greeted by the family and friends when they’ll return home. Wondering why? Well, we take immense pleasure in writing that these two young boys will soon complete an enchanting trip around the world on their dream bikes.

They remind us of the two friends, Amrutha Kashinath and Shubra Achary who recently completed their long journey from Kanyakumari to Leh in just 5-6 days and registered their name in the LIMCA Book of World Records.

We all make plans of going on a long ride or maybe on a long holiday with our bestie. But, because of something or the other our plans are never executed. And we seriously don’t know why? But these youngsters have made one thing very clear that mere plans will not help you to achieve what you want. They will be nothing but only dreams that will make you happy for some time but will never be a cherishable memory. The zeal and craziness to execute what you plan will actually help you live your dreams. The joy, pleasure and the sheer bliss bliss attached to them is beyond expression.

Debashish and his friend DJ started their journey back in June 2017 from India covering most of Asia and Europe. They then headed towards the USA. Debashish, a resident of Mumbai-Goregaon, is an India motorcyclist and a motovlogger. He is the owner of two restaurants and a security agency as well. His first international ride was Nepal and Bhutan. He is also the first Youtuber from India to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In an interview with Mid-day Debashish expressed his love and fascination for bikes and travelling. He further added “I have been on road for 9 months and have travelled 68,000 kilometres across five continents, 34 countries and will reach Mumbai soon.

To the question asking about the challenges he faced, Debashish said “my biggest challenge was to change the mentality of the people who believe that we Indians won’t be able to ride across the world, obviously because of the passport constraints. This was also my biggest inspiration for the ride. And of course, needless to mention, budget was another big challenge for us but we did it.”

He also expressed his passion and fondness for his favourite bike BMW GS, on which he completed his world tour. He is an inspiration and role model for many motorcycle enthusiasts in India and all over the world.