National Day Girl Child 24th January 2019 Girl Child Rights in India

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on the 24th of January every year. It is regarded as a national observance day for the female child. This celebration began as an initiative for offering new opportunities and support systems to the girl of the nation. It is celebrated for increasing awareness in the society about the injustice and inequalities that a girl child has to go through in the country. Inequality is a major problem when it comes to the female girl child. It prevails in many areas such as inequality in legal rights, education, medical care, nutrition, honour, protection, child marriage and so on.

National Child Girl Day

The Government of India began The National Day of Girl Child as a mission to develop the conditions of the girls of India. It is responsible for spreading awareness, promoting girl education, enhancing the meaningful contribution of girls when it comes to decision making procedures with an active support of family and community members.

The theme for this year is “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”. Many programs are being scheduled and organized for celebrating this occasion and it includes campaigns on saving girl child, creating safe and healthy environment for female born as well as child sex ratio. Haryana is going to be rewarded for its impressive performance towards the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ mission of the government. Rajasthan is also going to be a part of the award due to its improving performance for the same.


There will be a weeklong celebration in Andhra Pradesh to mark the National Girl Child Day. The event is all set to include self-defense training, awareness programs, painting and drawing competitions for the kids, child literacy, and so on.

In India, the female literacy rate is struggling to get beyond 53.87% and one-third of the population of young girl children is malnourished. Women of the reproductive age group are anemic and/or suffering from several health issues and diseases. This is all because of the gender discrimination that is still a large part of the society and it limits the access to health services for the female race. Several steps have been taken at regional, state and national levels by the Ministry of Women and Child Development for improving the status of the girl child with the help of an array of schemes.

The celebration for this  National Day Girl Child was started in 2008 by the Women and Child Development Ministry for highlighting the inequalities and discrimination faced by the female section of the society, especially the girl child. At this day, several advertisements do the rounds of TV channels, radio stations and newspapers to convey the message of “Save the Girl Child”. These ads are run by the government and various NGOs also get together for taking part in the celebration and fighting against the social stigma associated with the girl child.


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