This new bug crashing iOS devices

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Wanna know the best way to prank a friend? Send them a text with this secret character and their iPhone completely crashes. Sometimes it even reboots, and they won’t even know what hit them. You can do it via email, text or Facebook messenger and it works almost all the time. It is a serious flaw in the iOS system that’s gone hidden for many years now. Only when a certain group of techies discovered it did it become mainstream. Now, Apple is doing all that it can to make sure that this character doesn’t completely crash their customers’ systems.

What is this character exactly?

While we can’t show this character to you, in fear that your mobile or computer might crash, we can post a JPEG and a video explaining more.

It’s the character above. It’s not a controversial one, and it doesn’t mean that a hacker has taken control or anything. It’s just a character that crashes your system. The character just means ‘gya’ or ‘gna/gnya.’

What does it do exactly?

The most interesting part of the whole thing is that Android users aren’t affected by this at all, but for some reason IOS can’t seem to understand this character, making it crash every time. What happens is that every time you enter a character into iOS or text, it tries to understand it for context. It continues to ask its database about what that character/word means and uses up its RAM to guess what it is.

When, in this case, the Apple phone can’t figure out what the character is, it uses up the RAM to such an extent that the phone shuts off as a result, or it kills the application or home screen. It is quite strange as something like this has never happened in the past. You can crash someone’s phone by sending them this character, and they won’t even know what hit them. It can ruin their day or make their system crash completely.

What is Apple doing about it?

They understand that the problem exists and are launching a new update to fix the problem. So, if you haven’t already then you should update your phones and ensure that you have the latest system drives updated. Otherwise, a single character can crash your phone and send it into obscurity. The bug should be fixed in the iOS 11’s latest update.

What do I do if my phone crashes?

You need to restart your phone, ask your friend to send you another text with a random message on it, and then delete the entire thread of messages. If you remember seeing the character on a website, you need to boot out and clear all memories (wipe it clean)
If you saw it in an email, then you need to ask the email-sender to send you another email so that the character gets pushed to the back. If everything fails, then you can backup your data on a Mac and transfer your sim card to an Android to continue using your phone. In the meantime you can do a factory reset. Otherwise, you can wait for a day or two more for the official update to launch.