Niagara Falls Partially Freezes

niagara fall
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The iconic Niagara waterfall has begun to freeze as the deadly cold wave tottered the northern US this week.‘The polar vortex’ as it is reported, has turned Niagara waterfall into a splendid winter utopia as it now aims the Northeast. Tourists observed large chunks of ice flowing along with the water.

Spectacular images show the formations of ice generated by the falling water and haze along the banks of the river and falls.

Ice and water flows over the brink of the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls. Photo / AP


People also witnessed the vapors rising up as the water temperature is warmer than the chilly air around. Although, the falls look like frozen in some images as a matter of fact the water never stops flowing.

According to Niagara waterfall USA, ice is formed on the river every winter. But the extent to which the Falls actually freeze depends on extreme icy weather conditions haunting for long periods of time. It can be witnessed in the ‘frozen falls’pictures of the polar vortex events of 2014 and 2015. It was reported only last week that Chicago’s Lake Michigan famed as one of the five ‘Great Lakes’ of North America, has already frozen. Now, the cold wave is showcasing its influence over the Niagara River, which links two of the Great Lakes, as some sections have begun freezing.

The Table Rock Welcome Centre overlooks a snow and ice covered American Falls, viewed from Niagara Falls. Photo / AP


Meteorologist, Tyler Hasenstein has termed the situation as ‘nasty cold’ and finds the concern of people very obvious. Weather service meteorologist Brian Hurleyhas described this condition to be serious. It is normal to witness something similar if you are up in the Arctic Circle but not here!

According to a statement dispensed by Niagara waterfall Tourism, the ‘Horseshoe Falls’,‘American Falls’ and ‘Bridal Veil Falls’  are all presently taken over by snow and ice, which can also be observed on the plants surrounding them. It would be almost impossible to freeze the flowing water in totality. David Adames, acting C.E.O. for the Niagara waterfall Parks Commission told the Forbes in Ontario, “During particularly cold temperatures, the mist and spray begin to form a crust of ice over top of the rushing water.”

A harbor light is covered by snow and ice on the Lake Michigan at 39th Street Harbour. Photo / AP

The painful cold snap has taken a toll over the human life with a report of more than over two dozen deaths in eight states. Hospitals in Illinois reported 220 cases of frostbite and hypothermia, while Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis reported 28 cases over the past week which it normally witnesses in the whole of winter. Hundreds of other injuries are being reported along with frostbite and hypothermia that include heart attacks, broken bones caused by accidents as a result of poor visibility and carbon monoxide poisoning. Most of the victims include very young or old people or physically disabled people who are unable of caring for themselves. The US government has issued a cold weather warning as the temperature has plunged to a lethal low of -40 degree Celsius. With painfully frozen conditions around, the authorities have requested the people to stay indoors and not breathe heavily if at all the need arises to step outside.


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