Noida Residents Protest Against Authorities’ Decision To Open Biodiversity Park | Protest Against Authorities In Noida

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India’s growing commercialization has always been a threat to the naturally occurring forests of the country. The latest to join the league is a 75 acre forest land right in the middle of the city in Noida’s sector 91. This eucalyptus forest even has nilgais all around. But Noida Authorities planned to remove the forest and start a biodiversity park, a move that has angered residents and environmentalists.

About six months ago, Noida authorities started their work and began cutting down trees in the forest. Noida officials are saying that the idea of turning and developing the area into a biodiversity park was first presented in 2005 and in 2016 the Authority Board gave a green signal to the idea. The plan also includes planting of more than 95,000 new shrubs and jogging tracks all around, with a community hall and food courts, parking lot, playground, water bodies and ponds and an amphitheater.

But Noida residents and environmentalists are clearly opposed to the idea of cutting down the eucalyptus trees. They are against the idea of Concretising the forest. They claimed that concrete roads and tracks will cause damage to the biodiversity of the forest that is already there. This move will also destroy the natural habitat of the hundreds of species of birds and the nilgais that reside in the forest. They are also claiming that the Noida authorities are not following any system while removing the eucalyptus trees, they are just cutting down the trees without planting new ones.

As a sign of protest, residents of Noida started tying a ‘rakhi’ around the trees, coming up with their own version of the some points about Protest Against Authorities In Noida For Open Biodiversity Park. Read Article for some points about Protest Against Authorities . The decision of the authorities to create the city’s largest biodiversity park has led to the residents demanding a justification of this decision from the authorities.



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