Paris’ 850 Years Old Notre-Dame Burns Down in Flames

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In a tragic turn of events, Notre-Dame Burns, the medieval cathedral of Paris, was engulfed with a major fire. One of the most famous landmarks of Paris, Notre-Dame Burns’s roof and spire collapsed due to the fir but thankfully, the two bells and the main structure got saved from the wrath. Firefighters are trying to retrieve the artworks stored inside the 850 year old Gothic building.

What Did We Lose?

Notre-Dame Burns
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The fire broke out at approximately 18:30 and soon, it took into its flames the wooden interiors as well as thee stained-glass windows before destroying the spire. It heavily damaged the cathedral roof in no time. It took the effort of around 500 firefighters from preventing its bell tower from collapsing. The main structure of Notre-Dame was saved from complete destruction after four hours of hard work and “extreme courage” shown by the firefighters. Now, work is going on for saving the remaining artworks of the cathedral which has undergone “colossal damages” because of the fire.

The cause of fire is yet to be cleared and the prosecutor office has opened up an inquiry into the “Accidental destruction by fire”. Although no lives were lost, a firefighter has been seriously injured when he was managing the blaze. Emmanuel Macron, the President, has called the event a “terrible tragedy” and has promised on launching an international fund-raising scheme for rebuilding Notre-Dame.

What is the Public Reaction?

Notre-Dame Burns
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The flames were observed in silence by hundreds of people who flocked to the streets around Notre-Dame Burns. While some chanted prayers and hymns, others were seen weeping uncontrollably. Various churches across Paris, took to ringing their bells to respond to the fire. President Macron called off his TV speech which was for addressing the street protests going on in France since months. Applauding the guts and expertise of the firefighters, the emotional Macron stated, “We’ll rebuild Notre-Dame together”.

Notre-Dame Burns holds a special place in the heart of every citizen of France. The last time it had to suffer heavy damage was at the time of French Revolution. It also stood tall against the two World Wars. Notre-Dame has given its name to a literary masterpiece of the nation. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo is usually referred to as the Notre-Dame de Paris. The church gets more than ten million visitors every year. Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Notre-Dame is a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

An Unbearable Loss

Notre-Dame Burns
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No other landmark of France represents the country the way Notre-Dame Burns does. It has been in Paris since as early as the 1200s and seeing it crumbling and crashing under the flames was a devastating site to witness for the people in Paris. The embodiment of strength and permanence collapsing to the ground has left a profound shock in the mind of every French person.

The priceless monument survived plague and revolution for over eighty years and enchanted tourists from every corner of the world. It was an inspiration to many authors and artists and after standing the tests of time, now Notre-Dame Burns. What terrible news!


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