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India, for the past few years, has been adding onto its list of variety within various aspects of the lifestyle, be it technology, clothing or food. The growth in the ties with East Asian countries brought in the culture of anime, sushi and whatnot. Delhi being the epicentre of the storm of Asian flavours, has been under the heat of sophisticated Asian restaurants in delhi specialising generally in Sushi. Amongst the whole hype of eating vinegared rice along with seafood, it has become quite a problem to find other Asian delicacies. So jotting down the lines, we have 8 Asian restaurants in delhi that provide more than just marinated rice with fish!!


Asian restaurants in delhi

Situated at Saket select Citywalk, the place is quite busy on weekends. The place supports glossy interiors and wooden artworks. The Asian restaurants in delhi is popular for its artistic approach to the food when it comes to display. (Quite the way the Japanese like it)


Asian restaurants in delhi

This Asian restaurants in delhi child born from the mixture of Japanese and Thai cultures, brings out the most of what could be called the highest of culinary fusions of these cuisines. The chilli dumplings, Quinoa hot pot and Pink PaanMochi ice cream keeps the stomach growling for more!! However, it is advised to carry an Antacid beforehand!


Asian restaurants in delhi

The name may give you a similar vibe as that of a 10 year old chubby Indian boy, but that is not what the owners may have intended it to portray. The Asian restaurants in delhi boasts of contemporary Japanese cuisine with Pork belly and Ramen burger making it to the favourites list (Disclaimer: – the favourites list is entirely a personal opinion!).


Asian restaurants in delhi

As the list proceeds, the names are giving away a hint of indie style from them. The Asian restaurants in delhi has its own side of creative senses hidden into various dishes such as the Tea Leaf Rice and Roselle Leaf Soup. A must visit place for the people loving challenges!

5. JomJom Malay

Asian restaurants in delhi

The place has acquired the friendliness from Malaysian culture alongwith the spiciness to cater the heavy Delhi crowd bored of eating Momo sauce for satisfaction. The spiciness and the juicy flavours of the food create a rich enough feel for a Foodgasm!!

6. Hanh’s Kitchen

Asian restaurants in delhi

The place is known for its wholesome experience of Korea. The fermented sauces and crispy tempura would surely make its way to your heart with its sizzle!! The Asian restaurants in delhi food packs a punch and it might make you forget about sharing.

7. Kofuku

Asian restaurants in delhi

Kofuku is the choice when someone wants to get an authentic experience of japanes meal. The Asian restaurants in delhi taste of miso soup provides the gentle warmth needed after that cold shoulder from your boss In the meeting!

8. Mr Choy

Asian restaurants in delhi

It has Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai altogether!! What more could we have asked for?? The Asian restaurants in delhi is to food lovers what a supply box is to PUBG players! The heaven of smoky and juicy meat belongs here!

These places have been burning the hole through the hearts of Asian cuisine lovers and these Asian restaurants in delhi have surprisingly done well without being overshadowed by the popularity of the sushi despite the overgrowing demand. It’s the time for food lovers to tuck in their bellies and make a reservation here!!!


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