20 Best places to visit in Kerala!

20 Best places to visit in Kerala!
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Kerala is known as the god’s own country. It is one of the best tourist destinations where you can enjoy the scenic beauty and relax with your loved ones. It is a state on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. The natural beauty of Kerala will make you fall in love with it. It offers a serene atmosphere which will help you rejuvenate your body and soul. Kerala is famous for its beautiful backwaters, hill stations, sprawling tea gardens, picturesque landscapes. So, if you are looking for a place which is beauty personified than Kerala is the best place to visit. Have a glance at some heavenly places in Kerala that you can visit.


It is famous for lush-green tea gardens, waterfalls. The alluring beauty of this place makes it one of the best destinations in Kerala. Munnar has the most favorable and pleasant climate all year-round.

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Attractions of Munnar: Attukal waterfalls, tea-gardens, Western Ghats.

Best season to visit Munnar:  In winters (September to November and January to March).

Best time to visit Munnar: October to November and January to May when it is comfortably cold.


It is officially called Alappuzha. It is famous for its beautiful backwaters. This place is often referred to as “Venice of the east”. Alleppey is iconic for its houseboats in the backwaters. Here, you can also experience the intrinsic beauty of the Alleppey beach. One of the best places to visit in Kerala!

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Attractions of Alleppey: Alleppey Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Punnamada Lake.

Best season to visit Alleppey: In winters (November to February) as weather is mild and pleasant. This is the perfect time to go on houseboat rides and explore backwaters.


This place is perfect for the people who love to explore wildlife, as there many wildlife species that cannot be found anywhere else. You can witness lions, sambhars, tigers, elephants, deer, Nilgiri langurs, lion-tailed macaques etc.in the wildlife sanctuary of Thekkady.

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Attractions of Thekkady: Elephant junction, Periyar Lake, Kumily, Mullaperiyar Dam, wildlife safari.

Best season to visit Thekkady:  In winter (October to February) as the weather is cool and pleasant. In this season you can enjoy wildlife safari and admire natural beauty.


Here, you can experience the true beauty of backwaters. Kumarakom bird sanctuary is home to many species including cuckoos and Siberian storks. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala.

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Attractions of Kumarakom: Houseboats, Backwaters, Bird Sanctuary

Best season to visit Kumarakom: In winters (November to February), they are by far the best time to visit Kumarakom. In this season you can enjoy houseboat rides and flora and fauna in the region.

In monsoons (June to September) is another great time to visit Kumarakom. Although houseboat rides are not available in this season, this is a great time to go bird watching, as many migratory birds visit Kumarakom.


This place is famous for its beaches. Beaches here are very clean and beautiful. You can also enjoy some water sports. Kovalam tops the list of Kerala places to visit.


Attractions of Kovalam: Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach, Hawa Beach, water sports, wooden boat rides.

Best season to visit Kovalam: In winters (November to February) is the best time to visit Kovalam as the temperature is moderate, good for sightseeing, beach hopping.


Here you will witness the Coastal Paradise and is undeniably one of the best tourist places in Kerala. This place is for the people who love nature, as there are picturesque landscapes, where you will feel totally relaxed. This place is known as the land of Gods, forts, rivers and beautiful beaches.


Attractions of Kasaragod: Bekal fort, Madhur Temple, Beaches.

Best season to visit Kasargoda: In winters (December to February), ideal time to visit Kasargod. The weather in this season is pleasant and not too hot.


The soothing weather of this place is one of the major attractions. It is famed for its beaches, backwaters, and forts. You will immediately fall in love with this place. Undoubtedly, one of the best tourist places in Kerala!

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Attractions of Bekal: Bekal Fort, Ananthapura temple

Best season to visit Bekal: In winter (October to March) the weather is beautiful and pleasant.


Kannur is one of the most popular tourist places in Kerala. This place has its own coastal town and it is designed with extreme beauty. There are many famous temples in the region.


Attractions of Kannur:  Ezhimala beach, Tellicherry fort, Temples, Beaches.

Best season to visit Kannur: In winter (October to February) as it is the most convenient and comfortable time of the year.


You will fall in love with the seaside beauty in Varkala. It has made its place in the list of Kerala tourist places and is a perfect place to have a chilled-out time with your friends and family. Varkala has an extremely long and wider beach. This beach is famous for its natural spring water that reportedly has medicinal qualities.


Attractions of Varkala: Beach, Mineral water spring, 2000-year-old Vishnu Temple.

Best season to visit Varkala: In winters (October to March) the weather is very pleasant.


It is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. Here you will witness the architectural beauty with a touch of Dutch and British varieties. This assortment makes these buildings even more beautiful. Kozhikode also has the best and authentic flavors of the Malabar food along with different spices.


Attractions of Kozhikode: Hilite Temple, Tali temple, beach.

Best season to visit Kozhikode: In winters (October to March) is the best time to visit Kozhikode as the weather is really pleasant during these months.


It is the beautiful high range district in Kerala.One of the best destinations for the tourists who are looking for some relaxation. It is the best place where you can revive yourself. Idukki is the most nature-rich area and is one of the most stunning hill stations.

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Attractions of Idukki: Nature walk, bird watching, trekking.

Best time to visit Idukki: In winters (September to February), as these are the best months to visit Idukki. In winter, the days remain warm and nights remain cold.

Kavvayi Backwaters

Here you can explore the beauty of the backwaters to the fullest. It is Kerala’s third-largest backwater. It is a stunningly beautiful backwater destination that makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

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Attractions of Kavvayi Backwaters: Forest, natural beauty, houseboats, beach

Best season to visit Kavvayi Backwaters: In winters (October to March), is the best time to visit KavvayiBackwaters as the weather during this remains cool and pleasant.

Munroe Island

This place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places. The natural and scenic beauty of this island makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala. This scenic island is formed by a cluster of eight tiny islands. You can spend leisure time in the warmth of Mother Nature.

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Attractions of Munroe Island:  Kollam Beach, Thirumullavaram Beach.

Best season to visit Munroe Island: It can be visited throughout the year.


If you are dying to explore the beauty of nature, then visiting this place is a must. The main attraction of this place is the beach which is distinctive and beautiful. The natural beauty of Poovar Island is stunning and undisturbed. Here you will have amazing views of a variety of birds, floating restaurants and, the golden sand beach.

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Attractions of Poovar: Beach, elephant rock, Aazhimala Siva temple.

Best season to visit Poovar: In winters (October to February), as the temperature remains comfortable for visiting this place.


It is known for its sacred sites and colorful festivals. It is also known as the cultural capital of Kerala. This place is known for its ancient temples, churches, and mosques. The beauty of this place is enhanced by waterfalls and beaches.

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Attractions of Thrissur: Waterfall, beaches, temples.

Best time to visit Thrissur: In winters (October to March), it is the best time to visit Thrissur. Or, you must try visiting during one of the festivals celebrated in the month of April or May, the famous Pooram festival takes place.


it is the largest city of Kerala and is also known as Rice Bowl of Kerala. This place is famous for its historic Palakkad fort and Jain temple. Palakkad has pleasing weather and beautiful surroundings and is one of the popular Kerala tourist places.

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Attractions of Palakkad: Palakkad fort, Jain temple, Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary

Best time to visit Palakkad: In winter from December to February.


It is a hill station and one of the must places to visit in Kerala. It is also called as Golden Valley. Ponmudi is nestled in the laps of rolling hills of the Western Ghats, filled with tea-plantations, lush-greens hills and lovely waterfalls.

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Attractions of Ponmudi: Makayam waterfall, Meenmutty falls, peppers wildlife sanctuary,  golden valley, Trekking.

Best season to visit Ponmudi: In winters (November to March), it is the ideal time to take a trip to Ponmudi.


It is the capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala and is built on hills by the seashore. Beauty of this place will not only amaze you but will give you an immense option to explore the history of Kerala. You will find lush-green areas in Thiruvananthapuram. It is one of the finest Kerala places to visit that offers an interesting mix of tradition and modernity.

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Attractions of Thiruvananthapuram: Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Veli Lagoon, Shree Padmanabhaswamy temple

Best season to visit Thiruvananthapuram: In winters (October to March), as the weather remains pleasant during this time.


It is one of the top Kerala tourist places that offers scenic views of lush green vegetation and miles of coffee, tea, and cardamom plantations. An ideal place for trekking and hiking. This place is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. You will experience the true beauty of nature here.

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Attractions of Nelliyampathy: Pothundi dam, Seethargundu viewpoint, trekking.

Best season to visit Nelliyampathy: In winters (October to February), is the best time to visit Nelliyampathy.


This hill station is famous for its endless green meadows. Here you can enjoy trekking, camping, Paragliding. Vagamon is famous for waterfalls, old water tunnels, Kurishumala, Vagamon Lake and pine forests. This is also one of the best tourist places in Kerala.

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Attractions of Vagamon: waterfalls, Kurishumala, Vagamon Lake, Paragliding.

Best season to visit Vagamon: You can visit here any time, except monsoons.

In this God’s very own country, you will undeniably lose yourself in the charm of nature. Kerala is a wonderful tourist spot, be it for couples, family or for solo travelers. You can choose to immerse in the beauty of solitude or have a gala time in the company of your loved ones. Also, you can savor the authentic Idli, dosa, rasam, sambhar and the filter coffee of course, while you enjoy your trip to this mesmerizing destination!









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