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Do you feel like being in some Russian covert strike mission whenever you are spending time with your partner? If the answer to the question before is a yes, then my friend, you might be suffering from PPD i.e. Possessive Personality Disorder!!

Sometimes Possessive Personality Disorder can be with just one person, but often it is about all of their relations. Simply put, Possessive Personality Disorder is a pattern where you seek out your partner’s company all the time, only to later find yourself bursting out fits of anger on them just for picking up their family’s call in the middle of a conversation.


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Possessive Personality Disorder can begin in childhood but is often detected in teenage years as most personality disorders begin to show themselves during the puberty. The puberty, when most of the male stare at their female colleagues, the same way a predator does to its prey!

All things come down to fear, insecurity, lower self esteem and other lower vibrational emotions which trigger the growth of such possessive behaviour. Explains the reason why I was so reluctant to let my girlfriend watch a movie with her male friend!

#Warning signals

Being in a relationship mostly trains the boys to become a ninja! Kidding!!

On a serious note, being in a relationship does makes us sensitive to the various signals our partner drops from time to time. When it comes to detecting a Possessive Personality Disorder following signs should be considered –

#You disrespect your partner

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If you have noticed a negative behaviour towards your better half in last few days and somehow this has taken the form of name-calling, rudeness, sarcasm or critical remarks, then it is a direct sign of you being Possessive Personality Disorder. Such kind of behaviour often damages the relationship because let’s face it, not everyone is as good at sarcasm as Chandler Bing!!

#Jealousy Abounds

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If you often feel angry or upset when your partner socializes with friend, family or co-workers, then this is a sign you are being possessive towards your partner. In extreme cases, you may find yourself trying to convince your partner to cut his/her contact with friends and family. My advice, DON’T BE THAT GUY/GIRL!!


Controlling behaviour is one of the basic signs of a Possessive Personality Disorder and the initial reason of fight between a couple. Control can be physical, emotional or financial. A possessive person may try to forbid you from holding a job or managing your own hard earned money. Just to be clear, your family forbidding you from managing your money isn’t possessive nature rather its their concern over your weekend plans!!



There is just a fine line between being protective and possessive, and once you cross that fine line, you let all your insecurities and negative thoughts become a part of your personality. This may lead you towards the Possessive Personality Disorder, where the one suffering from it is unable to control his/her emotions.

My point being, before going through your partner’s texts and call logs in secret, do spend sometime analysing the warning signals!! Who knows, instead of cancelling their brunch appointment, you need an appointment with your doctor!!


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