Seafood Sunday Lunch Selfies For Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in Private Goa Visit

Rahul Ganndhi
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It seems like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had an amazing plan to celebrate this Republic Day. After attending the R-Day event at Delhi, the mom-son duo was spotted chilling in Goa on their three-day private visit. The Congress President with his UPA chairperson mother landed on the state via a special flight this Sunday. They are spending a lavish vacation on a luxurious five-star resort located in South Goa.

The Gandhis visited the well-known Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant, surprising all the patrons over there. Rahul sported a casual blue T-shirt and was seen posing for pictures and selfies with the visitors of the restaurants.

A patron just got lucky

Rachna Fernandes, a Goa-based dentist who were among the patrons of the restaurant was amused to see Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi having a quiet lunch without any security guards nearby. When Fernandes approached Rahul for asking to click a picture with him, he politely promised to do so after settling the bill. She was totally in awe with his simplicity, modesty and charm.

Sonia and Rahul
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After the bill payment, Rahul himself approached Fernandes and got a picture clicked with her which she later uploaded on her Instagram handle. While talking about the impromptu encounter with the Gandhis, Fernandes exclaimed that, “He is too nice to be in the bad, bad world of politics”. Well, we can’t agree more to that. The mom-son duo relaxing with no strict security forces and just being themselves made them look just like any other family on vacation. Now it’s really hard to equate them with what we see and hear about them.

A refreshing break from the chaos of politics

As per a Congress spokesperson from Goa, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were on their personal visit to the state without any engagements or appointments scheduled for their stay. Previously, the Gandhis had visited Goa to celebrate the New Years’ of 2017.

Source : tribuneindia

It’s good to see them taking a break from politics and having family time at the beaches and eateries. Finally, the meme lords of the meme world would now have something more to giggle about than just coming up with jokes on Rahul-Sonia’s political tactics.


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