Railway to remove LCD screens from Tejas Express and Shatabdi coaches after incidences of looting and vandalism by the passengers

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Fed up of the increased looting and vandalism cases by the passengers, the railway has decided to remove all the infotainment facilities from the two premium trains; Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express and luxurious Anubhuti coaches on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express.

It has not been one complete year when Tejas Express, one of the most advanced trains, was launched back in May, 2017 and some unknown miscreants damaged the glass windows of the premium coaches of the train, en route to Mumbai from Delhi, as reported by ANI.

Not just deliberate damaging of the train and LCD screens but also snatching away headphones and damaging the USB charging ports and coffee vending machines have left the railway officials in a complete shock.

It is very awful that we demand and expect to get the best but does not want to maintain the same. If something is up for the public use then it seriously doesn’t mean that we have got the right to take it along with us considering it as our property or even worse, completely destroying it. Keeping in mind the history of Indian Railways in terms of its train’s condition, it was much expected that this expensive train will fall its fate but these unfortunate incidences, looting and damaging, were beyond anybody’s expectation.

Looking the current scenario of the train, the railway ministry has decided to remove all the LCD screens mounted on the back of the seats. In an interview to a newspaper, Mr Ved Prakash, director of information and publicity board railway, said “We reviewed the Tejas express and found that the infotainment facilities are frequently being damaged. As a result of which, the devices will be removed as passengers use smartphones and the hotspot Wi-Fi facility will be available.”

It was undoubtedly one of the brightest projects of the Railway Ministry with lots of benefits but keeping in mind the current condition of the train, an important question that arises here, is that do we really respect the privileges we get from the government? Do we understand the fact that all this is our hard earned money that we are very easily and carelessly wasting? Isn’t it our responsibility to take care of the public property as we take care of our personal stuffs irrespective of their cost? We need to understand that with every advantage comes an equal towards it and that is where we Indians are lacking.