Ranveer Singh And His Outrageous Style Statements

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Ranveer Singh has been on a rampage lately, with his outrageous clothes and his over-the-top attitude. He’s been a regular at the Bollywood party scene and has been acting quite funny ever since he’s bagged the bad guy role for Padmavat(i). He’s a heartthrob for millions, but for us – he’s the same guy who started his career off in Band Baaja Baaraat 8 years ago! Yes, guys time flies pretty fast.

With all the fuss of the movie being released we totally forgot to focus on the most important part of the film! – The fashion.
With Deepika wearing gorgeous outfits left, right and centre, we totally skipped out on how Ranveer was looking like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. #inspired

What’s funny that bae Deepika has also made it very clear to Ranveer that he has to clean up his fashion act saying – “Ranveer, stop doing…Stop doing outrageous clothes.”
It’s time to become mature Ranveer, especially if you’re going to go to Deepika’s dad – famous Badminton champion Prakash Padukone, for her hand in marriage.
Who can forget his “Hip Haap” t-shirt looking like a Hulk Hogan lookalike? Yellow tshirt, white pants and pink shoes. If he wanted attention, he got it. Just don’t expect any ladies to go gaga over Ranveer anytime soon.

Gabru Swag, chic electric, or call it – lame, nothing of what Ranveer wears seems to match. He’s a rebel without a cause and the fashion police is at his doorstep begging him to stop. Bollywood’s elite are too afraid to invite him, because he might create a “dramatic scene”.
A skirt is something that only the Scottish can pull off. Imagine 300’s Gerard Butler fighting off the Persian army in a battle skirt and a 6-pack. Now imagine, Ranveer Singh with Persian Jim Sarbh role-playing in a skirt. Not a good look, right? Wearing a skirt/Scottish quilt, is a badge of honour and only the manliest of men can pull it off.

Nobody really knows what he’s doing here. We think that its another cry for attention. But you know? He looks so endearing and cute that he might just have pulled it off. Every time he’s tried to break into the industry, he’s met with critics. This time, they’ll be too distracted by his fashion sense to critique anything else. Anytime a movie producer wants attention, he’s the one inviting it with open arms.

Disco meets a Zebra? Only Ranveer can pull it off. Probably the funnies thing that happened to him was this jersey that was custom made for the sex-icon

While he’s 69ing his way through the field, women all over the world are swooning to him. He’s become one of the most disruptive forces in Bollywood, and who knows – maybe he’s a mad genius who works hard and parties harder. We don’t think he’s wasting anyone’s time. In fact, he’s making a mark in a field that’s dominated by pedigree. Good on you Ranveer!
He’s become soberer now, but who can forget this avatar –

We love you Ranveer, but please stay true to yourself always!!