Remotest polling station in India shows how it’s done like a boss

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You will be surprised to know that there is a booth in Meghalaya which has just 33 voters! Yes, you read that right! Kamsing is the Remotest polling station of Meghalaya and it can be accessed only by a boat.  It saw a 100% of voter turnout on 11th of April as all the 33 voters came in to cast their votes. They were also welcomed with a special ceremony at the day of polling.

Frederick Roy Kharkongor, State’s Chief Electoral Officer, stated that, “All the voters of the hamlet invariably turn up on election day. No wonder, the Election Commission of India featured Kamsing in its table calendar for the 2018 Assembly polls as well as the general elections this year”. Falling under the Amlarem Assembly segment, Kamsing has 14 female and 19 male voters.

The Tiny Polling-Stations of India

Remotest polling station
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Kamsing is one of the hamlets of Meghalaya which lies on an abandoned hillock bordered with hundreds of areca trees. You can reach this reach by rowing through the Mayong River.

It’s not just Meghalaya that has such a Remotest polling station in India, the smallest one is the one-voting polling station Malogam situated in Arunachal Pradesh’s Hayuliang Assembly constituency.


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