Richest husbands of Bollywood actresses

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Where there is fame, there is usually power and money. When the three mixes together, you get a deadly combination that shifts the way forward for many actresses. In fact, a lot of them prefer to marry outside of the industry. They just don’t like what our industry has become and instead choose to participate in marriage outside. Some of them marry stinking rich people, while others have a decently sized savings account.

Call it love, call it fate, or destiny, but it’s cool and interesting how these famous couples got so rich and famous at the same time –

#1 Tina Munim

Wife of Anil Ambani and a solid actress during her time, is going to be the richest one in the list. When Anil first laid eyes on her, he wasn’t taken aback or anything. She was the top actress at that time and Anil wanted to get to know her. When they met through a common friend in Philadelphia a few months later, that’s when they clicked instantly. In fact, the first time they met, Tina was struck by his simplicity and genuine nature.
At first, Anil’s parents didn’t approve of the union, because of the negative stereotype of the film industry. Anil tried to convince his parents but ended up disconnecting from Tina for 4 years! Then, while his parents tried convincing him to marry girls that they had preselected for him, he refused adamantly. The love of his life, Tina waited all this while and finally they united. Their love story has been going strong for generations now, and they’re happier than ever.

#2 Shilpa Shetty

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning Shilpa Shetty. Married to London business tycoon Raj Kundra, her bank balance skyrocketed overnight. While Raj makes 1000s of crores every year, Shilpa has also become quite the entrepreneur. The duo met early on with meetings related to the launch of her perfume brand S2. However, Raj’s wife was throwing accusations about her being a marriage-breaker. After a lot of struggles and pressures from each side of the family, they decided to get married and have a happy life with each other. Raj’s making close to 100 million dollars every year.

#3 Vidya Balan

From being the nerdy one in Hum Paanch to marrying the MD of Walt Disney India, Vidya has come a long way in acting and in marriage. She’s one of the best actors that we have, and she’s married to a brilliant producer and head of the business. What’s special about their marriage is that their cupid was none other than Karan Johar, who had introduced the pair for the first time. It was a truly two-states kind of marriage with these two, who finally found love in the most unexpected way.

#4 Ayesha Takia

She got married at the age of just 23 to hotelier Abu Azmi. He’s the owner of many restaurants and shops including Koyla, Café Basilico, ChaiCoffi, Basilico House and Citywalk Shoes. He’s also active in politics and has a large number of successful businesses in India.

#5 Juhi Chawla

Juhi surprised everyone by marrying businessman Jay Mehta, back in the day. Not only does Jay Mehta have many businesses around the world, he’s also part owner of the Kolkata Nightriders with SRK. The lovely pair also has two kids – Jahnavi and Arjun, who may just make an entry into Bollywood in a few years.

#6 Celina Jaitly

Celina went truly international, marrying Peter Haag, who’s an Austrian businessman and entrepreneur. He started out as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Jumeirah Beach Club Resort & Spa, after which he made his way up to becoming Group Marketing director at the Emaar Hospitality Group. The lovely couple has two adorable twins, and Celina’s living the life of luxury in Dubai.