Roaming in Japan….Think twice before you laugh!!

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The majestic earth is filled with diversity in terms of culture, rules, language, food, entertainment, earning and all other aspects. Each country on this planet has its own beautiful trends and way of living. Today’s generation strive for travelling the world and satisfying its wanderlust. People tend to save money for experiencing new adventures and witnessing different cultures across the globe. Everyone has his own bucket list to fulfill with the countries. But many of us are not aware of certain instructions made by a country’s government to follow while wandering in its streets. Well, do not panic, sigh high!!We have extracted some travel tips to consider, for you while travelling to your favorite destination. They are as following:


Sanitization is the main concern in Singapore. To keep it completely clean and hygienic, the government imposes a fine for leaving the public toilet un-flushed, urinating in elevators and even chewing gums. Before visiting Singapore keep this thing in mind and do not take chewing gums along.


Laughing out loud with the depth of your heart, showing your teeth is considered rude in Japan. Better cover your mouth while laughing if you can’t control the laughter.

New Zealand:

Before packing your essentials to take the flight for New Zealand, follow this trip advice. Do not carry fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or honey along the other stuff to the country. It will be in vain and other than that, you will be fined confiscating all your food.


This one is a bit disheartening as no food can be brought from the plane into Australia. Also it can’t be shipped from other countries. It is sad for people who have relatives in Australia as they can’t send some food to show their love for beloved ones.



This country does not allow Indians to carry poppy seeds into their country. If it is found with the luggage, one can be fined immense.


Norway is one of very few countries which rabies-free completely. To maintain the country’s position and keep it disease free, certain kind of dog breeds and other pets as well are strictly prohibited there.

So if you want to travel with your pet along, watch the instructions carefully before making any bookings.


Apart from the above country specific rules, there are some other air travel comments received by flight instructors and in-charges to follow which are as follows:


  • Carefully read and fill the immigration form after landing in any country. There are some restrictions regarding medicines of daily use and those need to be shown to avoid the fine charges.


  • People who are addicted to smoking need to check the permissible number of cigarette buds in a country per person. Carrying more than that number might charge a fine.


As they say, it is always wise, if you believe in “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” and to ensure that follow the above tips and travel rules.




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