ATTENTION! We Need to Save Our Forests From Dying

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Just ten minutes away from Corporate Gurugram’s Cyber City, lies a world of lush greenery. Sometimes, you must take a break from your 9 to 5 job and drive straight to the soothing lap of nature. Here, the clear blue sky replaces the pale greys of smoke and pollution. This terrain rises and falls gently. It greets you with never-ending stretches of sylvan vistas as well.We Need to Save Our Forests From Dying

However, there is a major threat looming around the future of these Save Our Forests. The Haryana cabinet has decided to amend Punjab Land Preservation Act and the terrain is probably going to be dead because of the real-estate lobby.

# What are we going to lose?

Save Our Forests

The virgin Save Our Forests pockets which serve as livelihood for the locals as well as a home to a variety of flora and fauna are most likely to get affected. This offense against ecology is going to wipe out every kilometre of the canopies in Faridabad and Gurugram.

The northern regions of Aravalli are spread with dense Save Our Forests and wide areas such as Sariska in Alwar and Ferozepur Jhirka in Mewat cover some of the greenest canopies of the Aravalli range. The Mangar Bani grove of Faridabad also lies in close proximity to Delhi. Sadly, all these Save Our Forests are in high danger of being erased out from the face of Earth.

# What the expert has to say?

Save Our Forests

Rajasthan’s former conservator of forests, Satish Kumar, said, “The NCR is a highly populated zone where Save Our Forests have been lost largely (due) to changes in land use. Of the little forest cover that remains, almost all of it is in the Aravalli Hills, in places that have escaped the plough due to their steep slopes and rocky nature”.  Kumar has extensively researched and analysed the Aravalli ranges. The alarming question is if these forests are still going to last for future botanists and naturalists to study them.

The fight for saving the Aravalli has just begun. While the ministers have chosen the path of money-making and profit, the nature lovers are on the road to Save Our Forests and conserve the biodiversity of the Millennium City. Let’s hope the latter wins the battle!


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