Simmba Movie Review Singham and Dabangg had an illegitimate child who was adopted by Rohit Shetty!

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Simmba movie is definitely a power packed entertainment and a must watch. We are sharing the movie review so that you can have an idea what you are walking into!

Simmba is a spinoff of Singham and loosely adapted from a Telugu movie Temper.  This movie looks like Singham and Dabangg had an illegitimate child named him ‘Simmba’ who later was adopted by Rohit Shetty! Briefly: Shetty created a relatable youth icon who lacks morals but just enough to make him a hero. He is a hero we don’t need or deserve but aspire for. He is a corrupt cop, where Singham ‘Leta nahi deta hain’ Simmba is clearly inspired by Chulbul Pandey urf Dabangg here.  Simmba is a complete bad boy!

Simmba movie

But of course, it is Bollywood, we Indians crave for a hero with virtues and ethics. Someone, our ‘not so ethical youngsters’ can look up to. You know the usual, ‘Family Guy, Loyal Boyfriend, Marriage Material, Adarshwadi Beta, Ghar Ka Chirag, Ek Lauti Aulad, Blah Blah Blah!’.  I almost got carried away there, so to sum up, Simmba is on the right path and a good guy by the end. After all, our Heros and our  ‘Shaadi Ke Liya Ache Ladke’ are not that different. ‘Sushil and Sanskari’ who always take a stand for what’s right!

Sara Ali Khan plays Ranveer’s love interest in the movie. Simmba is a total badass then he falls in love with lovely Shagun who runs a catering outlet in the neighbourhood. Then we have a cute love track to clearly state that this is the time for Simmba to choose the right path. Later his ‘muh-boli behen’ is raped and murdered while the accused conveniently slips away.  Simmba had to avenge his sister and save the day!

This movie has everything in store for its audience: action, love, purpose, and a happy ending! Yes, you have Singham (Ajay Devgan) for a few minutes on the screen to make you wonder what if they make a movie with Singham and Simmba together! But this is an entertainment package- full of ‘Masala’.  And when Ranveer is on the screen you can rest assured that the justice to the role has been done. Then lets come to ‘action’ and we have just two words for you ‘Rohit Shetty’. Action lovers can be relieved now!

We have high hopes for his movie to do great at the box office. India let’s gift Ranveer Singh ‘A Super Hit’ as a wedding present!


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