Six habits that seem to be good but are not!

Monkey see, monkey do! Not just the monkeys, but even our parents bring us up the same way. We couldn’t even choose our name which is the basis of our identity and so is true with the Six habits we have nurtured. We never challenged them and follow till date! But some of them are grossly incorrect and you must get rid of them ASAP. Check them out here:

Brushing your teeth right after eating

We were always taught to brush immediately after we have our food. Of course, it is a good habit, but needs little alteration! Some foods are more acidic which cause your enamel to become sensitive temporarily, however hard it is. If you brush immediately after eating, you might end up damaging your enamel. So, keep a margin of at least 30 minutes before you brush.

Using ear buds

Literally nothing, not even a sterilized ear bud should be introduced in your ear canal. Ear has a wonderful self-cleaning mechanism by removing its ear wax by sliding through the ear canal while you chew your food. But if you use ear buds, you interfere with the natural mechanism of your body resulting in more production of ear wax. Instead always use a clean wet cloth or a towel to just wipe your ears from the exterior.

Washing all kind of food

Washing fruits and veggies before you eat them is perfectly okay, but you don’t have to necessarily wash every kind of food before eating. For example, if you wash red meat and bird meat, you will spread he bacteria everywhere in the kitchen. Instead just introduce the meat to high temperature with baking or boiling to kill the bacteria.

Blowing up nose

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You will resort to anything and everything to get rid of your blocked nose. But that is absolutely incorrect, as it might lead to damaging your nasal vessels to an extent where you might need to see a doctor urgently! Don’t even think of picking your nose as it might further worsen by introducing bacteria to affect your nostrils or sinus canals. Instead always clean your hands and use lukewarm water and salt to wash your nose out.

Holding a steering wheel in 10 and 2 positions

The archetypal way of learning to drive a four-wheeler is holding the steering wheel in 10 and 2 positions Six habits. That’s what we never even challenged. But studies have shown that instead 9 and 3 positions should be adopted to exercise better control even at high speeds and moreover our hands in this position do not come in the way of air bags in case of accidents.

Flushing with toilet lid open

We all undoubtedly flush after we are done with our business but doing it the right way is important! When you flush with the lid open, the miniscule particles carrying bacteria might get sprayed up to a height of 2 meters and this is certainly sickening. So, do not forget to put down the lid Six habits, the next time you flush!


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