12 things your skin is trying to tell you

12 things your skin is trying to tell you
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Hello dearies, do you all know that our skin tries to give us a warning if something wrong is going inside our body? As we all know that our skin is a reflection of our inner health.  Many times we get frustrated if any skin issue pops up. But don’t get upset as your body is not trying to ruin your mood but there is something that it is trying to tell you, you should understand and listen to what it says.

Sometimes hormonal imbalance can have an impact on your healthy skin. Skin rashes, discoloration, flaky skin or you are noticing weird patches above your eyes. Don’t worry! We have some simple tips you can follow for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

Here are some secrets your skin is trying to tell you

1.Dry flaky skin

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Source: Scia Essentials

If you are experiencing dry skin and you are not able to figure out why it is happening, it might be a symptom of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism occurs when our thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. This condition leads to a slowed metabolism, reduced sweating so the skin may become flaky.

2. Yellow patches around your eyes

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Are you facing yellow patches around your eyes? This means you are dealing with high cholesterol.

These soft bumps are cholesterol filled plaques, and this condition is called as Xanthelasma. And if you find them bothering you, be sure to consult immediately.

3. Yellow bumps

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Source: Best Life Online

There many symptoms that come about diabetes or if you see your healthy skin becoming dull as your skin is the first one to give you a clue about any disease. One thing you might notice on your arms, legs, underarms, legs, feet are some yellow bumps called xanthomatosis.

4. Pigmentation of your skin

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Many times some internal issues can affect our healthy skin. One of them might be vitiligo, a common skin disease that can cause white patches on the skin. It can be linked to diabetes, anemia or autoimmune thyroid. So, don’t let these changes go unnoticed.

5. Constant blushing

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If you always look you are blushing, Rosacea might be the reason behind it. This condition makes it look like you have applied a tint around your nose or cheeks. It is also called a butterfly rash. If you are experiencing this symptom, then don’t ignore it get it treated ASAP.

6. Foot Rash

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Source: Std

Foot rash is pretty common. But they are not a good sign of healthy skin. But if it doesn’t go away, and you are experiencing severe joint pain along with fever, then it could be one of the symptoms of Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is a condition where your liver gets infected by a virus. Go get it checked out.

7. Yellowing Skin

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Is your skin or eyes turning yellow? It is a sign that there is an excess of bilirubin in your blood. Bilirubin is a compound that is found in your liver bile. You must go and see a doctor immediately since it can be serious. The good news is that it can be remedied with some changes in your lifestyle by following some simple tips.

8. Under-eye-bags

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source: https://bit.ly/2DqNzY4

There might be a lot of reasons behind the puffiness under your eyes. But one of the culprits is salt. You need to cut down sodium in your diet as it helps in water retention. By eliminating sodium, you can easily get rid of water retention causing the under-eye-bags.

9. Raised red patches

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source: https://bit.ly/2OtnkXx

Do you have red scaly patches? It could be a sign of psoriasis. This condition is chronic- mediated disease. Psoriasis appears by stress or cold. But this condition can be associated with diabetes, heart disease, abdominal obesity.

10. Bumps on your thighs or arms

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Source: IDiseases

These little bumps are trying to tell you that you need a little more of vitamin A in your diet. You will find the bumps on your thighs or back of the arms. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach are one of the best sources to get vitamin A.

11. Brown facial patches

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source: https://bit.ly/33lpP2g

It is a skin problem called Melasma. This is more common in women than in men. Melasma causes brown patches on the skin of your face, typically triggered by hormonal changes.

12. Bulging veins

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Source: Veinscny

Are you noticing blue or purple bulging veins on your legs? This means your blood circulation is typically the cause behind it. The change in blood flow can be due to the age factor or pregnancy. This condition is typically called a Varicose vein or Spider veins. You can treat this condition by improving your blood circulation or muscle tone.

So, dearies, from now keep a double check on what your skin is trying to tell you. Go see a doctor when anything appears to be abnormal or worrying. Don’t ignore the signals your skin is trying to give you.


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