NRIs perform a Flash Mob on the Manchester streets to support Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Modi
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Amidst the onset of Lok Sabha elections and ongoing vigorous and innovative campaigns, a Flash Mob video of NRIs dancing on the streets of Manchester supporting Prime Minister Modi has gone viral on several platforms of social media.  The viral clip shows a group of NRIs shaking their leg to the song composed by Shankar Mahadevan ‘Breathless’ themed Non-stop India.

The NRI flash mob sported a unique look with white T-shirts having a caricature of Prime Minister Modi and ‘NAMO AGAIN’ imprinted on them paired with black pants. The song highlighted flagship schemes of the BJP government and the group was seen dancing by waving BJP flags to support Prime Minister Modi.

The Flash Mob video highlights:

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Once, the video was shared by Rishi Bagree on April 7, it took hardly any time to become viral. Mr. Bagree tweeted that, for the very fast time it can be seen that the public is vigorously campaigning for the Prime Minister to become PM again, rather than the politicians and the party itself. The video has received over 1.1 million views, more than 22,100 likes and 10,500 retweets. In the video, a man dressed as Prime Minister Modi can also be seen dancing along with the group. The man came forward when quotes of Prime Minister Modi’s speech started playing. It is interesting to notice, that most of the crowd consisted of women and young children. One Twitter user also commented that 100s of more such campaigns in UK and EU should be expected and that our country won’t be let down.

The BJP campaign highlights:

The flash mob on the Manchester streets took place on the same day BJP released its election campaign song flaunting the tagline ‘Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar’. Bhartiya Janata Party also released its campaign highlights. It includes Modi government’s “befitting” response to terrorism by “hitting terrorists by entering enemy’s territory”. With the launch of campaign, Arun Jaitley told the reporters that the choice is people’s whether they want to opt for ‘cohesive and tested’ stint of Prime Minister Modi or to go for ‘chaos and mahamilawat’ existing in the opposition party. He took a jibe at the opposition stating that it is upon people to choose a team of 11 payers and 40 captains or a government leaded by one decisive captain.

BJP’s campaign focusses on the five-year performance of the Prime Minister Modi led government which highlights his honesty, capability to take big decisions with ease, his unwavering stance and most importantly the Balakot air strikes which targeted a terror camp in Pakistan. This action had come up as a retaliation to the Pulwama attack on February 14 that had killed 40 CRPF jawans. It was severely condemnedby the entire nation and everyone demanded a befitting reply from the government. This campaign highlight has received an accusation from the opposition stating, BJP has politicized the actions and valor of the armed forces and used it for their own selfish reasons as an evidence of the government’s decisiveness and ‘zero tolerance’ for terrorism.


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