Threat letter discovered in the terror-struck Kalindi Express

A threat letter along with a plastic bag was recovered by the police inside the Kalindi Express. The letter has references of Jaish-e-Muhammed, a terrorist outfit that claimed responsibility for the recent Pulwama attacks. The letter that was found is handwritten in Hindi and refers to Jaish-e-Muhammed as “Jais-e-Mohammad”. Even though the letter seems to be a mischievous deed, Sanjeev Suman, the Kanpur Superintendent of Police, has confirmed that investigation with be carried out and no risk will be taken whatsoever.

No Major Harm Done

Kalindi Express

On 20 February, the Kanpur-Bhiwani Kalindi Express experiences a low-intensity explosion in its general coach. The blast took place at around 7.10 pm close to Barrajpur station near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. When the train halted at Barrajpur station, the noise of the powerful explosion created panic among the passengers and few of them even ran down to the station. No casualty or injuries were reported. However, a portion of the coach’s toilet, where the blast occurred, suffered damages because of the low-intensity blast. Anti Terrorist Squad was present at the site and the train got dispatched only after ATS gave clearance.


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