7 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit Thailand

7 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit Thailand Thailand Trip
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Wanderlust is a real thing. Thanks to millions of movies and breathtaking locations, we now want to visit so many places in the world for so many reasons. Some of us want to get away from the busy schedules of life and go on a relaxing vacation, some of us are shopaholics and want to shop from all corners of the world, foodies want to have the best of world cuisine. Well, there is one country that will take care of every kind of needs that you are looking for in a foreign country. Thailand is a budding tourist destination now, that received 32 million tourists in the last year. There are hundreds of reasons why Thailand should be your next travel destination, but we are giving you seven out of those.

1. Try the food here

Thailand Trip

There are many, many reasons to visit Thailand but the foodie in me picked this reason as the first one. Thai cuisine is one of the best in the world and of course, needs no introduction. The greatest thing about Thai food is that you will get new varieties of Thai food everywhere you go in Thailand, without ever having to repeat a dish. Different parts of Thailand have different kinds of delicacies. In Southern Thailand, you will get super spicy dishes that use hot chili paste as one of the main ingredients. Again in the northeast, you will get spicy dishes with very interesting ingredients like fermented meat and ants. It has got great food options for vegetarians as well, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

2. The heavenly beaches

Thailand Trip

Of course, how can you not visit the paradise of beaches that Thailand offers? It’s dreamy coastline is famous all over the world. You can just do island hopping in Thailand and never get bored of it. The beaches are filled with fun adventurous activities. But you can choose to ignore them and just relax and sunbathe on the beaches or go for a swim.  Enjoy the lazy and laid back vibes of Koh Samui islands, or bask in the dense green jungles of the Koh Phi Phi islands, or just move to Koh Phangan if you are looking for quieter and calmer beaches. You will feel as if one trip is not enough to cover all the islands this country has to offer.

3. The very friendly Thai people

Thailand Trip

Did you know that Thailand is called the ‘Land of Smiles’? Once you land in the country, you will know why. Everyone is smiling here, all the time. The locals are always happy and will welcome you with open arms. Whatever problem you face, they are always ready to help with a smile on their faces. This country is so much better than most other tourist destinations where locals are always ready to cheat you and take your money. Here in Thailand, you will find genuine people who are always happy to help. In fact, if you pick a couple of Thai words and use them to interact with the locals, they will be happier than anything and make sure your visit to Thailand remains memorable.

4. The nightlife here is out of the world

Thailand Trip

If Thailand is famous for anything apart from its food and beaches, it is the nightlife here. If you are a dedicated night owl who likes to stay out after dark, Thailand won’t disappoint you ever. You will find here every kind of nightlife than you can think of. Khao San Road is the hub of backpackers where there are plenty of travelers and people connect with other like-minded people from all corners of the world and gulp down buckets of drinks. There are plenty of red light areas in the country too for those who are looking for a little action on a trip. There are plenty of great reggae and jazz pubs in the country too. So, it has something for everyone who visits the country.

5. Travel costs are cheap AF!

Thailand Trip

If you are traveling on a budget, there is no better place to be than Thailand. Public transport is really cheap here and you will find various modes of transport. A lot of times we end up removing some destinations from a country because it doesn’t fit our budget. Forget having to compromise on your travel plans in Thailand. Thai airlines are really cheap and they have domestic and international flights that are cheaper than any flight you have taken. Not just flights, even buses, and trains are super affordable here. This is one of the major reasons why Thailand attracts so many visitors every year.

6. It is a paradise for shoppers

Thailand Trip

Thailand is a shopper’s paradise, and if you love shopping like me, you already know it. There are plenty of markets all throughout the country. From floating markets to flower markets, whatever kind of shopper you are, you will find something or the other for you. You will find markets for clothes, for accessories, for gifts and souvenirs and all of them come at super affordable prices. You can complete your entire shopping in less than 2000 bucks. Can you believe that?

7. It has one of the best spots for scuba diving in the world

Thailand Trip

For most of us who haven’t tried scuba diving yet, we keep Googling for the best scuba divings across the world. But look no more. It is right here in Thailand. Explore the world under the water, meet new animals, swim along with them in some of the best scuba diving locations you will ever find. With crystal clear water, clean and beautiful beaches, if you are in Thailand, you absolutely have to do scuba diving here. You can either head to Krabi, Koh Samui, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lipe or the Simian Island to find the best scuba diving options this country has to offer. The diving instructors here will train you, teach you in detail about the scuba gear, teach you how to deal with emergencies that you might face underwater and also trains you well so that you can stay safe under the water. Be prepared to get into a whole new world (literally) and create memories that you will never forget in this lifetime.

You will find no dearth of reasons to visit Thailand. Once you visit the country, you might not want to come back. The weather, the beautiful locations, the people, the nightlife, all of them together make Thailand this special.

Visit at:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI62H6WhTIQ


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