Thanks To The Jawans, The Indian Flag is Now Hoisted 18,000 ft High on Republic Day

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Most of us spend the Republic Day just like we spend our weekends- sleeping and procrastinating. But, our courageous soldiers don’t see it as a ‘Day’ but more so as an emotion, a feeling of deep love and patriotism for the nation and they never fail to express it in the greatest way possible. On 26th January, we saw the perfect example of this patriotism by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police in Ladakh.

The jawans, who risk their lives for protecting us, also have to strive against the most extreme climatic conditions every day just so we can sleep peacefully at night. As if this wasn’t enough! Fourteen ITBP jawans came together on the occasion of Republic Day and hoisted the national flag of India at the height of a whopping 18,000 feet as well as at a temperature not 0 or minus 5, but minus 30 degrees! Yes, you read that right. While we spend our winter holidays warmly tucked in our blankets, these brave men were out there, in freezing cold, all for making the flag stand high.

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A Picture Perfect Moment

While the clear sky served as the backdrop, one jawan was holding the flag high and others stood right behind him in a perfect line with Ladakh’s snow-clad mountains serving as a picture-perfect background. People often say that “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” but this heartwarming photograph is a portrait of true love, spirit, courage and patriotism.

To put it in the words of our newfavouritehotty Vicky Kaushal, the josh was indeed “high sir”!


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