The Largest Wind Power Plant in Africa has opened in Kenya!!

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Addressing the damage that has happened to our environment and climate in past few years occurred by the usage of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, it has become the need of the hour to switch to non-conventional energy resources such as wind, tides, sun, water and biomass. Also, we can’t ignore the fact regarding the availability of fossil fuels which is definite and diminishing with time from the extraction of mines and oceans but the renewable resources are replenished constant. With a superior technology and adequate infrastructure, plethora of reliable energy can be generated for several uses.

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With remarkable perks of using green energy resources, many countries are exploring the possibilities in this field taking in account their individual strength. To name few, Albania and Paraguay draw 100% electricity from hydro power, Norway lights up completely by renewable energy resources. Iceland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, UK, Germany, Uruguay, Denmark, China, Morocco, USA and Kenya are top 12 countries who are majorly running on green energy resources.

Kenya as Future Green Energy Country:

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Today, maximum countries of the world are intensively working on the non-conventional energy resources, building power plants and contributing their bit in saving the earth. Kenya, being a developing country has secured a high rank in the world in the consumption of renewable energy resources. With the great aim of becoming a 100% green energy consuming country, the country is just 30% away from the goal as per Ministry of energy which quotes “Renewable energy accounts for over 70% of Kenya’s installed capacity compared to the world average of 24 per cent.”

To chase its goal and to run on clean fuel completely, Kenya government has installed geothermal plants and hydro plants; and again making great stride in renewable energy resources, the largest power plant of wind energy in Africa i.e.Lake Turkana Wind Project is introduced by the President Uhuru Kenyatta. Successful launch of this plant has ensured the position of the country as a world leader in renewable energy resources consumption.

About Lake Turkana Wind Project and its Significance:

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President Kenyatta has praised the project by quoting it as “another first in Africa”. The LTWP project is capable of generating up to 310 MW from 365 turbines (each having a capacity of 850 KWs) spread over 40,000 acres near the southern tip of Lake Turkana, in the north of the country. It is situated 600 Kms from Nairobi in Loiyangalani District, Marsabit County. The sole aim of starting this wind power plant is to boost electricity generation by 13 %.Also, this is safer form of energy whose production can be predicted in advance.

The wind farm is designed to help the country and Kenyans grow in all possible ways. It can be really beneficial for the people in availing Electricity, Jobs, Housing, Health Care and Food Security.Also, it has increased the aesthetic value of the site ensuring Kenya’s scenic beauty for present and future generations.


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