The saga of the never-rotting 10-year-old burger of Iceland!!!

The saga of the never-rotting 10-year-old burger of Iceland!!!
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Do you guys know that there is a decade old burger in Iceland!

In 2009, the McDonald in Iceland was shut down forever. This guy named Hjortur walked into the last McDonald’s store and purchased a meal of cheeseburger and fries as he heard about the rumors of never-rotting burger. 10 years later the burger is still in the same condition.

old burger of Iceland

Hjortur mentioned that he heard about McDonald’s burger that never decays, and he wanted to find out himself whether it was true or not. After two years, in2012, he handed over the burger to the National Museum of Iceland but after some time it was removed from the National Museum and was passed on to the Snotra house – a hotel in southern Iceland.

old burger of Iceland
Source: Reddit

The most interesting fact about it is that it hasn’t aged till date. Another most interesting part is this burger meal has its legion of fan following. It’s got its own live streaming channel which garners over 400,000 views per day apart from the many people who visit this burger at the Sutra House. During all these years, people who visited the burger many times still think that the meal is fresh.

Hjortur said, he still visits the meal regularly and every time he visits the meal it always looks fresh. The only change he can notice is the wrapper which started turning yellow.

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Experts have concluded that burgers do not contain any nutrients in them and because of this it cannot attract microbes or bacteria, thus the burger does not rot.

old burger of Iceland
Source: Delish

So, next time you visit a burger shop, before binging on a whopper burger, think about the nutrition it is going to give you!

Or, maybe you too can try preserving one yourself and get famous one day!! What say??


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