These 10 Important Life Lessons Are What You Should Be Giving Your Kids Instead Of Sanskaars

Important Life Lesson's
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Growing up in India, if there is one thing parents bombard their kids with, its just tonnes of sanskaras. Because otherwise “what will people say?” But will you agree with me if I say that most of the important lessons that actually helped us shape our life were the ones we picked ourselves? It is about time we keep aside the ‘sanskaras’ and teach our kids about what really is important- to be a good and responsible human being. Here are 10 things Indian parents should be teaching their kids instead.

1. That both men and women belong’ equally in the kitchen…

…Because every living being feels hungry and everybody should be able to make food arrangements for themselves when they are hungry. As simple as that, isn’t it? Do not raise your sons to believe that it is only the woman’s responsibility to cook or arrange for food.

2. Drinking and smoking are not associated with a person’s character…

…Instead teach your kids how to be responsible even after they drink someday or their friends do. Teach your kids to understand when the body has had enough and to stop there. A person’s choices of beverages DO NOT guarantee how he is as a person.

3. Teach your daughters self-defense…

…Instead of telling them that they should not be wearing short clothes. Sure, there are always going to be ‘bad people’. But since when did we start bowing down to them and not live freely? Give your daughter the freedom to wear really nice clothes, but also make sure that she knows how to break bones if someone tries to touch her without her consent.

4. Teach them to stand up to wrong…

…Even if an elder commits the mistake. Instead of teaching your kids that elders are always right and that they should never answer back elders, teach them that everyone can make mistakes and that they should be taking a stand against that, whoever commits it. Let’s cut out the hypocrisy that we were brought up with, please?

5. Educate them properly on sex…

…so that when they hit puberty and are curious, they do not have to believe in myths and end up doing stupid things. By sex education, we do not only mean teach them about sex. It includes the lesson that there is a very thick and important line between sex and assault, that should never be crossed.

6. That it is important to work hard and earn things…

…instead of just handing them over expensive toys whenever they ask for it. Don’t let your child think that life is a bed of roses. Sure, you have got their backs, but do not just offer them everything on a platter. Let them work hard and earn things for themselves, even if it is a toy.

7. That they should question everything…

…and not believe everything blindly that is being told. This develops their logical reasoning and practical thinking.

8. That they can choose their own career paths in something they are interested in…

…and not study engineering or medicine just because their family wants them to. Tell them that it’s okay to take commerce or media or advertising or designing. Teach them that whatever paths they choose, they can make a career out of it if they are sincere and hard working.

9. That poverty does not equal failure

… a lot of parents, if their kids are not earning as much their ‘successful’ cousins, they are shamed. Because somehow we have come to believe that a six-digit salary means success and anything less than that is a failure. You should let your kids know that even if they are not earning a seven-digit figure, it is okay. Less salary does not mean they have failed.

10. Stop asking your kids to fit into your description of a ‘perfect kid’

you have to understand that every kid is unique and different and it is unfair if you want to carve them out in your own way, according to your benefit. Stop doing that to kids. Let them figure out what they want in their lives and be there when they need a little push. That’s the only way to bring out the best in your kids.

Now it is up to you, do you want your kid to grow up into respectable humans or some over sanskaari character in a Rajshri film?


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