10 Things You Dare Not To Say To A Mumbaikar

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‘Aamchi Mumbai, bara ka!!’  Every Mumbaikar is way too proud of being one. Try nudging a Mumbaikar with ‘the forbidden issues’ and be ready to face their wrath.  Here, we present a list of 10 such issues.

1.Vada Paav

Vada Paav is truly Mumbai’s baby and every Mumbaikar is proud of it. Don’t ever try to refer a Vada paavas just plain pakoda sandwiched between a paav. Excuse me! There is a lot more to it. Mumbaikars will go gaga over its green chutney and the dry groundnut chutney used for dressing up ‘The Vada Paav’.

2. Comparison with Delhi street food

Comparison with Delhi will hit a true Mumbaikar to his core. He will first start ripping Delhi based on safety and then come to food. People in Mumbai are proud of their Juhu Chowpatty where you get some amazing snacks starting with the Vada paav, Misalpaav,paav bhaaji, dabeli. And, don’t even try to say they all seem similar. They are not! And not to forget, the bhelpuri, again a proud Mumbai’s discovery.

3. Traveling in Mumbai

Cribbing about traveling in Mumbai is just not allowed. Mumbaikars are sensitive about traveling in their ‘Local train’. It is an integral part of every Mumbaikar’s life, which he/she just can’t do away with. No doubt it is crowded yet is the cheapest and safest mode of transport in Mumbai.

4. Shopping is so pricey!

Artificial jewellery shop at Colaba Causeway

If you utter this, you will be presented with a list of market places even before you utter your wish list or your experience on the basis of which you dared to call Mumbai pricey. They will go on and on describing their Fashion Street, Linking Road, Colaba Causeway, Crawford Market, Chor bazar and so on.

5. Rains in Mumbai

History has witnessed the life of Mumbaikars getting topsy-turvy with an erratic rain, but we outsiders are not permitted to say anything about it. A true Mumbaikar loves drenching in the rain and jumping over the puddles. Cliched? But true!

6. Gateway of India is like India Gate

A Mumbaikar failed in History can also present you the facts about Gateway of India and its architecture. And leave apart calling it different, they might even go to an extent of convincing you that it looks better than India gate.

7. Marine drive is such a hype

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the savior for all Mumbaikars. Hugging the Arabian sea, it is an abode for the love birds, a group of friends and even for loners for introspection. Students, tourists, overworked professionals, all love to flock here to get some respite from the busy life.

8. Crowd in Mumbai


Talk about the cramped-up houses or streets or buses or local trains, Mumbaikars love their city for the way it is. They are proud of the safety despite the crowd. The crowd in Mumbai is an unwavering proof of the city’s popularity and its ability for accepting one and all.

9. The nightlife is so boring!


You will be presented with a plethora of options. A Mumbaikar will vouch for the amazing nightlife that the city offers, with a lot of bars and discs that are open to entertaining you till the wee hours.

10. The festive season is so dull


God save you for this! How can you forget the Ganesh festival? Mumbai is so proud of ‘Laal Baag cha Raja’. The mammoth size Ganesh idol is certainly to look out for and the crowd that you witness there will leave you with jaws dropped.


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