Things every solo women traveler must carry in her bag

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Hello, girlies!!!!

Who doesn’t love traveling? We all love traveling and love to explore new and different places.

But, traveling solo is a different experience and the best thing you can ever do!

Also, traveling alone is a self-affirming experience. Solo traveling is definitely more rewarding than traveling with someone, but you will also require proper preparation.

While packing your bags, make sure you have everything you need as you are going to travel all by yourself!

So, all my strong girlies who love traveling alone, do not forget to pack these little things before you leave on your voyage.

Here you go!

# First-aid kit


Pack this first, as it is the most important thing you need to have in your luggage.

 Instead of buying the first-aid kit, make your own kit and fill it with medicines, antibacterial wipes, adhesive bandages, and other items that will be helpful for you as you don’t have a travel buddy.

It’s always better to depend on yourself when it comes to your health!

# Swiss Knife


Swiss knife is a pocket knife that has a spear point blade, small blade, a can opener, scissors, and many other tools.  This is your all in one tool that is easy to carry, can easily fit into your pocket and come to your rescue in a jiffy!

# Water Bottles


Girlies, it very important to stay hydrated while you are on the go! Having a water bottle with you will help you save money from buying bottles. Smart tip, isn’t it?

# Portable Power Banks


A must-have thing!

It would be best if you kept a portable power bank in your backpack, as dead electronics are a no-no when you are traveling alone. 

# Pepper Spray


No matter where in the world you travel, ladies, your safety is of utmost importance!

Do not compromise on your security and keep a pepper spray in your pocket all the time when you are on the go.

# A comfortable pair of shoes


You must have a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals because you will be spending hours on your feet while trekking or walking while exploring.

So, heels, open-toed footwear or any other fancy and delicate footwear are a strict no-no!

# Reusable Bags


If you love shopping, then you must keep these reusable and foldable bags with you rather than wasting a bunch of plastic bags.

They are extremely light-weight and hardly occupy any space.

# Toiletries

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Toiletries are every woman’s trip essential!

 Make sure to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer and sunblock in a small handy kit.

# Microfiber towel


Try these super amazing towels!

You must carry your own towels to maintain hygiene. These towels are thin, easy to carry in your backpacks, and they are fast-drying.

# Selfie stick


Don’t forget your selfie stick girls!

Obviously, you would like to make memories for life. So, to capture all your beautiful and moments, you should not leave your selfie stick behind.

So, with these ten items, you are good to go!!

Traveling solo is an incredible experience. It takes a lot of courage to go to an unfamiliar place all by yourself.

You don’t need to harbor any fear. Trust yourself and set free!!

But, remember to pack your bags keeping in mind your safety, comfort, and convenience. 


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