This School in Assam Takes Plastic Waste as the Fees!

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Located in the breathtaking Pamohi area of Guwahati, Akshar is a very unique school which takes just plastic waste when it comes to its fees! Yes, you read that right. This eco-friendly school lets the little kids connect with the Mother Nature in a thoughtful and amazing way.

Parmita Sarma, the co-founder of the school stated “We wanted to start a free school for all, but stumbled upon this idea after we realized a larger social and ecological problem brewing in this area. I still remember how our classrooms would be filled with toxic fumes every time someone in the nearby areas would burn plastics. Here it was a norm to burn waste plastic to keep warm. We wanted to change that and so started to encourage our students to bring their plastic waste as school fees”. The school is a brainchild of Parmita and Mazin Mukhtar and they together founded the school in the month of June 2016.

The Brains behind the Noble Cause

Assam School Charges Plastic Waste

This began when New York returned Mazin partnered with Parmita to give shape to a one of its kind idea that developed from their mutual aim of contributing to the education sector. The duo conducted heavy research on the local culture as well as the social landscape of Pamohi region. They came up with a modernist approach Akshar which bridges the gap between conventional academics and vocational training.

As most of the students hail from economically backward families, Parmita and Mazin had to go through a lot of adversities and struggles for launching their thoughtful idea into execution. Parmita is pursuing her masters’ in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

 A School of Wonders


This super innovative school operates on a specially-designed curriculum for catering to the requirements of the poor classes and this includes an array of vocational courses such as solar paneling, carpentry, gardening, organic farming, embroidery, cosmetology, singing, and so on. The roof is made of bamboo grass.

At Akshar, students get to know of the importance of waste product management and recycling as well as sustainable ways of living. By accepting plastic waste from them as the school fee, Akshar encourages them for embracing a more responsible and healthier lifestyle which can obviously make the world a better place to live in and aid in making Earth zero toxicity, waste- free planet.

We need more people like Mazin and Parmita for helping the country, the kids as well as the planet to grow, evolve and reach the zenith of development.


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