Three Musketeers In The Big Boss Hous Karanvir Neha and Sreesanth Big Boss 12

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Big Boss is a war zone but this year some contestants seem to forget that. We can’t understand whether they are in the game to win or to just make new friends. Were they supposed to join Facebook and landed in Big Boss’ House instead?

India has already seen Sreesanth’s aggression and dedication on cricket fields until of course was banned from those fields. Although this new side of Sreesanth, where he is coming out as a quitter and all talk no game, happens to be contradicting with his true nature. Is he really in the house to just clean his image? No, we are not the only ones wondering about this, we have seen housemates gossiping about it too. Do you think Sree is using the high TRP of the show to play the victim, let us know in the comments below!

Sreesanth Big Boss 12

When it comes to Neha, well she is as quiet as a mouse. We can’t really seem to have predicted her true nature or her game plan as she is hardly seen doing anything except form household chores and back-bitching with Deepika about other housemates, especially Srishty.

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And Karanvir, (we cannot say his name without a chuckle), well he has become ‘Bhaiya Ji’ of the house. He is trying to play nice with everyone and trying to maintain balance by obviously being ‘Sabka Sagah’. What he tends to forget is that cameras are everywhere, we are watching his every move and so is Salman. We can see Salman picking on him every weekend if not for his acts then for his ‘cleavage’, although this weekend we think it will be Surbhi who is going to be the centre of all the heat.

karanvir bigg boss 12

Yesterday we saw Karannvir, Neha, and Sreesanth taking the high road or the fool’s way in nominating themselves for Jail under the name of repentance. Where majority was in favour that Deepak and Urvashi in jodis and Neha in singles deserves to be spending this week in jail.

Big Boss appreciated our three goody-goodies for being selfless human beings and made pinpointing their own mistakes sound holier than ever and then the Big Boss like Satan’s incarnation cursed them for being good. He not only sentenced them to jail but also nominated them for this week’s eviction.

It was hilarious to see that ‘What the F*ck’ look on all the three musketeers trying to outsmart Big Boss, as it was shocking for them all. We must say Big Boss has an awesome sense of sarcasm!

Share with us your thoughts on this week’s turns and twists in the Big Boss’ House.


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