Top 10 Bollywood Actors Who Have Successful Side Business!

side business of bollywood actors
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Not a lot of actors entered the industry to make us laugh or cry. Some did it so that they could pursue another passion side-by-side. Aren’t you jealous? They get to shake their than on screen and then start a restaurant or a fashion label off-screen. So much ummmf some of them have, its crazy. Anyways, these celebs have understood the power of Instagram and transitioned from “actor, model, friend’ to “actor, entrepreneur, & badass’, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

Here’s 10 such actors who have taken the plunge into another biz –

#1 Sonam Kapoor (Rheson)

It’s not every day that a successful actor turns towards their true passion. After being the brunt of everyone’s ridicule, and subsequently giving us the most powerful performance of the year, Sonam’s following her true passion which is fashion. Who else could do it except for her, and she’s absolutely killing it with her innovative clothes and designer options.

#2 Sunil Shetty (Multiple businesses)

Sunil is the definition of serial entrepreneur. He’s not taking the online buzz about him seriously and has instead chosen to invest and start many businesses including a number of gyms across India and a production house called Popcorn Entertainment. He’s the owner of Mischief, a series of boutiques spread across Mumbai, and is also in the real estate space with his company S2 realty. He also has a lot of restaurants to his name. Slow down Shetty Sir!

#3 Sushmita Sen (Sensazione)

if you’re wondering WTF Sensazione is, then you’re not wrong. It’s a company started by Sushmita to promote her line of jewellery and luxury chains of hotels and spas across the country. We wouldn’t call it a side-hustle by any stretch of the imagination, but Sushmita’s doing some wonderful things in the entrepreneurial space.

#4 Lara Dutta (Chabbra550)

She’s started a production company called BheegiBasanti, and she’s launched a series of sari collections along with having a fitness DVD. She can really do it all!

#5 Dipannita Sharma

Although, she’s been relatively unsuccessful in the film industry, she’s received a bunch of offers from the South. She’s also started a unique business of yacht chartering, where anyone can book a yacht from her and set sails in the open waters.

#6 Ronit Roy (Ace)

He was amazing in Kaabil, playing the strong and bulky villain to the lean and fit Hritik Roshan. He’s also manager of a security company called Ace, which has clients like SRK, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. He’s found a way back into Bollywood through a really unique way.

#7 Arjun Rampal (Chasing Ganesha)

We couldn’t expect any less from the charming dude himself. He’s got his very own restaurant-bar called LAP, which is a massive property (over 17,000 sq ft) and he’s also running an event management company called Chasing Ganesha. He’s really knuckle-deep into the entertainment and restaurant space, investing in many outlets across the country.

#8 Twinkle Khanna (writer and novelist)

I think everybody knows about her second innings. She was a starlet and everyone’s dream girl before she decided to let loose and show off her witty side. She started off designing interiors and then became a writer with her novel “Mrs Funnybones”. This lead to her selling 100,000 copies and her second book becoming number 2 on Amazon’s seller list.

#9 Hritik Roshan

He’s probably one of the few celebrities who started their own fashion label, banking on his good looks and lean body. He’s made a few appearances on fashion portals and is selling his apparel line HRX through online channels. He’s also a part investor in the fitness start up CureFit and he’s invested in multiple other lines.

#10 Bobby Deol

One of the most good looking and charming men of the 90s, Bobby Deol stared a few successful ventures mostly in the restaurant business. His restaurant called ‘Someplace Else’ is a great place to get some delicious Indo-Chinese food.